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Increasing Online Registrations: 5 Tips for Universities

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Several institutes have adopted and implemented online methods for conducting admissions, applications, examinations, and operations with other ERP campus solutions. But they find it difficult to make the students and parents adopt it with similar enthusiasm. Many times, the institutes have to work with both traditional and online methods as the parents have not adopted the online medium of operations.

To simplify that, here are five tips for universities to increase online registrations.

Ensure Data Security and Accuracy-

The online registration system offers high security for the student data that is collected in the system. The data is stored on a cloud platform offering high security and easy backup for the student’s personal information. Further, the information is stored in a simplified manner which makes it easy for the faculty members to search and retrieve at any time just using the keywords.

The data collected from the online registration system is stored accurately and efficiently. There are no chances of any type of errors as the form cannot be submitted with the right data. The information is accurate and in the required format. Hence, it is easy to process and manage and can be exported by the faculty members for further use.

Creating awareness regarding the safety of data using online mediums among students and parents is likely to increase online registrations for the admission process.

Give Easy Access-

The online admissions and registration process should be easily accessible to parents and students. They should not have to search the information at various places or find it difficult to access in the first place. Further, the online form should be accessible using a mobile phone, laptop, or any other device at per user’s convenience.

The form should be well available on the institute’s website or groups, common spaces, and others such that the students do not have to put extra effort into searching for them. The ease of access to the form for registration will increase online registrations in the institute as it will be an easier option for parents and students as compared to filling out the offline form by visiting the institute.

Offer Ease of Use-

The online registration system must be easy to use for parents and students. The ERP campus software must be highly intuitive for use. In this way, the users will be more inclined towards using the system.

Digitize the Entire Process-

If the institutes digitize the entire process of admissions along with implementing online registration, there would be an increase in the number of online registrations. The students located at remote locations will be confident about conducting the entire admission process from the comfort of their homes.

Also, the process of fee payment must be digitalized so that the student just has to visit the institute for reporting and attend offline classes after completing the admission process. The online admission system must generate a merit list, give admission status and the students must be able to contact faculty members in case of any doubts and difficulties.

Data Analysis-

Data analysis will be the institute to run their ads offering particular courses and programs targeted to the places where they are getting a maximum response. It helps to understand candidate’s response and their interests at various places. This will enable the institutes to generate better leads.

Further, understanding the problems faced by students and parents while filling out the forms will help to improve the user experience of the admission application. A better user experience will help to increase online registrations in a long run.


The online registration system is a robust solution that streamlines the admission process in an institute. The institutes must promote the use of the online medium for registration to reduce faculty workload, increase the efficiency and accuracy of the functions and save their cost. The software is highly secure and easy to use for students and parents.