You are currently viewing Inner Child Fun: A Playful Way to Help You Reclaim Your Inner Child.
Inner Child Fun: A Playful Way to Help You Reclaim Your Inner Child

Inner Child Fun: A Playful Way to Help You Reclaim Your Inner Child.

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What’s your inner child like? Do you know? What does your inner child do when she is not running around and causing trouble? Does she tend to be more creative or imaginative, or other things? If you don’t know what your inner child is like, it might be because of the boundaries you have placed on her.

In order to reclaim your childhood, it’s important that you take time looking at yourself as a child or trying new ways of playing with your inner nannusays. Here are some ways to help you reconnect with your inner child and bring out that playful side.

What Is Your Inner Child Like?

First, try to think of what your inner child is like. What was she like when you were a child? What are her interests and personality traits? What did she enjoy doing?

Once you have some idea of what your inner child is like, try to take on some of those interests and do them.

For example, if your inner child was creative and imaginative, try painting or drawing whenever you get the chance. If your inner child was a people person, join a children’s playgroup or volunteer for a local cause. When you feel more connected to your inner child, you’ll be able to connect with that playful side again and have fun playing.

Reclaiming the Inner Child

Many adults get so focused on the things they’ve “grown up” that they forget to play and explore their childhood. One way to reclaim your childhood is through time spent with your inner child. There are many ways you can do this, such as directing a movie about something you loved doing as a child, or playing games in which you find something familiar from your memories.

If you need more ideas for how to play, ask yourself these questions:

1) What did I like doing when I was a kid?

2) What did I find fun as a kid?

3) Who did I have fun playing with when I was younger?

Ways to Playfully Connect with Your Inner Child

  1. Play with your food

Food is one of the most obvious ways to playfully connect with your inner nannusays. Dipping a string cheese in chocolate, spreading peanut butter on toast, or letting a banana melt slowly on your tongue is a great way to connect with your inner child and take time for yourself.

  1. Try out new activities

Some people find it difficult to be creative when they are not at work or being productive with their day-to-day life. It’s easy to feel like you can’t be playful because you have too much on your plate, but that doesn’t mean you should give up trying! Try new activities that spark creativity such as painting, baking bread, or making jewelry. These are good options for connecting with your inner child.

  1. Spend time outdoors

Easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of modern life is the simple pleasure of spending time outside! For many people, especially those who live in cities where there is no greenery nearby, this can be a challenge to do regularly, but there are plenty of outdoor areas that are easy to access no matter where you live! Spending time outside is an opportunity for self-care and reconnecting with nature on a


It’s no secret that children learn through play. Adults often forget this, which can cause them to feel disconnected from their inner child. By taking time to play with your inner child, you can find a way to reclaim your healthy sense of childhood fun and delight.