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Is Pokemon TGC Safe for kids

Is Pokemon TGC Safe for kids?

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Is Pokemon TGC Safe for kids? This question haunts many parents, and they want to know the fact.


There are a lot of queries that arise on various games from the parents’ side. They all want to know the honest answer, and all parents are apprehensive about them. Nowadays, the generation is really centered on video games, and most of them are spending a maximum 15 of hours on the gaming platform. That’s why the parents are concerned.

The gaming industry is developing massively, and they are launching games based on cartoons, series, imaginary characters, or movies. The video games are based on various genres like adventure, thrill, detective, etc. This article is centered on Pokemon. And parents can get all their answers here.

What is pokemon TGC?

Pokemon TGC is an online game that is free to play. This game is based on the trading card game, and you can play both as a player or guest mode in the game. It is accessible on every device, and you can access it on PC, Mac, Android devices, and iPad.

There are four modes available in the game. We are sharing all four available methods below

  • Battle mode
  • Collect mode
  • Trade mode
  • Defense mode.


You can quickly improve your performance in the battleground of a computer. There is a versus mode available in the battle mode to polish your skills while playing with your friends.

In the end, there is an event mode where you can play the games with players all over the globe. There are three different decks available which are Standard, legacy and Expand.


What is the fact about Pokemon TGC?

  • One thing essential to parents is that the game is not too hard to learn. Pokemon TCG is easy to play. Pokemon makes it easy for parents to get their kids started and play right away with starter decks aimed and created especially for young kids. 
  • You can start playing Pokemon TCG for less than $20 with a Trainer Kit. There are only a few steps kids need to know to begin with. First, your child will need their pick their favorite Pokemon to play with. 
  • You get several Pokemon Redeem to play with if you buy a Trainer Kit. The Trainer Kits come with a beloved Pokemon like Ninetales, Pikachu, or Raichu. Next, attach some Energy cards to the Pokemon in play, and then you can attack. 
  • You can use the health numbers on the top of the card to count up or down until the opposing Pokemon is knocked out. Don’t hesitate to make up your own rules for the littlest ones. It’s all about having fun at a younger age. 
  • The Trainer Kits also come with a playmat to show where to place the cards, and everything is laid out very nicely. As your child grows, you can make it as complicated or keep it as simple as you would like. 
  • If you have little ones younger than six years old, the Trainer Kits are the way to go. Older kids can start with Theme Decks. 
  • These decks are similar to the Trainer Kits, but they are meant for one player. The Trainer Kits are meant for two people to play right away. If you get a Theme Deck, you will need two Theme Decks, so you are looking at about $30 total.


Is Pokemon TGC Safe for kids?

According to our research, we got some points which referred that the game is safe.

  • Pokemon is safe for kids of all ages. This is important for a parent. You don’t want to get into something too violent or too mature. Kids are kids and should stay like that for as long as possible. 
  • The other TCGs and Magic the Gathering are way too mature for younger children. Yu-Gi-Oh! Another Pokémon-related game requires you to place losing cards into the Graveyard when a card is knocked out. There is just something about sending cards to a Graveyard that some people are not comfortable talking to their kids about yet. 
  • Pokemon, the characters don’t die when they lose a battle. The Pokemon lose all their energy when they get knocked out. Then the rest in the Pokeball until they are ready for the next challenge.


Most importantly, there is another policy available that parents can handle: Parents should review the Social Preference settings in their child’s Pokémon Trainer Club account. These settings determine the child’s ability to trade digital cards, participate in chat, and other similar options. 

In addition to these settings, we strongly encourage parents to discuss the game’s player chat and trade features to understand the consequences of these activities fully.


According to us, Pokémon TGC is entirely safe for kids. Parents can set the trainer kit as their preference and maintain the child’s activities. If your children love Pokémon, get them the Pokémon TGC.

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