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Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy During Ramadan 2022 UK

Just a few short weeks from now, people were asking when is Ramadan 2022 UK? Now, it’s here and many Muslims are wondering how and when to carry on with their fitness program during the month of Ramadan. As Ramadan gets further into the summer every year, this year’s Ramadan will fall at the start of April.

This year, in The UK Time, people are also concerned about fasting in the heat of summer while still being able to perform their daily tasks, which may include exercising. A month’s worth of inactivity can be detrimental to your cardiovascular health and strength. 

If you exercise regularly, you don’t want to stop immediately after starting. Not to mention the emotional and mental effort necessary to become consistent again. Here are some tips that will allow you to continue to stay active in Ramadan 2022 UK dates without over-taxing your fast.

Ramadan is a good time to adjust your fitness goals

During the month of May, improvements are on hold if you want to lose weight, improve your strength, or simply become more physically fit. Focus on maintaining your current fitness level. The process of improving your fitness and weight often involves giving your body some sort of deficiency.

Resulting in a reduction of energy and compromise of the immune system. Fasting is affected by both of these factors. By preventing your body from going backward rather than overworking your system, you can keep your body where it is.

Decrease the exercise

Reduce the intensity of the exercise to maintain consistency while not exhausting your energy reserves. Reduce your running to a speed walk if you normally run. You could use 8lbs if you normally lift 12lbs. 

Reduce your workout time from an hour to 30 to 45 minutes if you normally work out for an hour. Keep exercising this month is the most important thing you can do. You must maintain consistency in order to maintain your fitness level.

Cardio and resistance training should be combined

During Ramadan 2022 UK, if you are unable to find the time or energy to do both cardio and resistance training during your workout, then combine the two into a circuit exercise. There is no doubt that circuit training is one of the most effective methods for burning fat.

It also has the additional benefit of burning more calories in a short period of time. Circuit training consists of doing 3-6 exercises rapidly without stopping in between. Doing this will allow you to shape muscle and increase cardiovascular stamina all in one workout.

Be Reliable

To realize and maintain any fitness level or goal is 80% reliable. Being reliable in doing something will make the biggest difference in having a successfully fit Ramadan 2022 UK dates. After getting up at 4 am to eat Zahur, followed by a 12-14 hour fast, go to the Masjid for Tarawih.

This may not end until 11:00 in some cases, discovering the time to exercise may be a challenge. But taking a 20-minute stroll will go a long way towards helping you preserve your fitness level. Allowing you to comfort back into your usual routine after Ramadan 2022 UK dates in done.