Know About the 3 Methods of Case Study and Get Instant Help from MBA Experts

The case study method is a way to understand the problems of a matter that can get lost in quantitative research methods. A case study is different from other in-depth studies in the following ways:

  • It’s engaging in the effect of a set of situations of an individual or group.
  • It starts with a particular question about one or more cases.
  • It focuses on individual accounts and experiences.

What Are The Methods Of Solving A Case Study? 

  • Read the case carefully.
  • Become familiar with the topic
  • Craft an idea about the fundamental problem or objective.
  • Make a model of the primary demand or problem, or aim it should possess.
  • Mention the Statements that help explain the problem more accurately and help set goals and the nature of decisions required.
  • Understand the case study environment
  • Real-life problem evaluation.
  • Identify the shortfall of information & make a realistic hypothesis in the light of the environment.

This is how the case study method helps students analyze the given situation. Seek professional case study help services in Australia. You will use the case study method for all your assignments in business, management, psychology, sociology, political science and other related fields.

What Are The Three Types Of Case Study Methods?        

The case study method is categorized into three stages: formulation of objectives, collection of data, and analysis and interpretation. The researcher first judged what should be studied according to their knowledge. Next, they collect data through research, analysis and interviews.

Here Are The Three Typical Case Study Methods Offered By Case Study Help Services Australia:

  1. Survey- One of The Most Basic Methods

Respondents are asked to fill a questionnaire with open-ended and predetermined questions. It generally takes place through face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, and mailed questionnaires and can even be done through an online survey.

  1. Semi-Structured Interview

The semi-structured interview is case study research that is solved with a more complex method. This includes the researcher learning about the topic by listening to what others say. This generally occurs through one-on-one interviews with the sample. Semi-structured interviews give greater flexibility and can acquire information that formatted questionnaires cannot.

  1. Focus Group Interview

Another case study method is the focus group interview, where the researcher asks a few people to participate in an open-ended discussion on detailed themes or topics. The typical group size is 5–15 people. This method lets the researchers to go deeper into people’s opinions, views and experiences.

How Do Professional Case Studies Help MBA Students?  

A case study always helps students take better subject based knowledge. Also, it evaluates their skills which they use in real life scenario.

  • help students engage in research and reflective discussion
  • encourages higher-order thinking
  • facilitates creative problem solving
  • lets students to design realistic solutions to complex problems
  • forms students’ ability to recognize and distinguish between dangerous and extraneous factors
  • empowers students to use previously gained skills
  • forms an opportunity for students to learn from one another.

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