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Know What Your Palmistry Says About Travel

Know What Your Palmistry Says About Travel

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Everyone is always  wondering about what your hand lines say about you as a person. This study of palm lines is known as Palmistry. Which helps you know about what your future holds in those lines of hand. More especially, people nowadays are more curious about whether they will be able to travel abroad or not. For the study, to settle down, or to travel all these things are answered in palm reading. The expert astrologers look into the hand lines of you and give the guidance about going abroad for which kind of reason, and how it will benefit you in life. All these things are answered in palmistry.


Lines for Travelling


The travel lines start from the edge of the palm in the base.  These lines are upward or horizontal found in the bottom part of the hand, these lines can be indifferent from each other or intersect each other. These lines represent both the things settling abroad by studying, work, or family reasons. And it also shows the lines for foreign vacation tours abroad but it is vague and unclear to give an accurate result. These palm lines indicate more about living abroad for various reasons.  By learning about these lines you can know about what will lie in your future about going abroad. You can talk to astrologers regarding palmistry and know what holds in your future. Here we have listed out some basic instructions about the foreign lines in your hand, and learn something new about your travel future.


  • If the travel lines are clear and uninterrupted with each other then you will have a good chance of settling down in a foreign country. The travel lines are the same as lifelines; They extend to the upside of the hand which means that you will go far away to land for family reasons. And if the travel lines are deep and far in the palm of your hand then you will go to a foreign land for study or a job and make a living out there.


  • The intersections of travel lines mean a good amount of travelling in a foreign land or going there for some reason on a temporary basis like work or study. And if the lines are thicker in this structure which means that you will go to a foreign land in the second half of your life and settle there and might spend the rest of the life there willingly or unwillingly. So, make sure to make decisions abroad, settling life decisions carefully.


  • If the lines are minor for travelling there are many things it indicates. The first and foremost is that you visit a foreign country for a specific financial or health reason in life. And if the lines extend to the centre of the hand which means that you will not go to any far place you will stay near to your place for job or study reasons. Lastly, the lines are short for travel. So it is a chance that you don’t have a good chance of going to a foreign land for any reason. And it’s better you do not try hard to go abroad in your life.


Signs of Travel Lines

The travel lines are of many different ways. The lines start from the bottom of the hand to the upper part of the hand or centre. And some lines are short and vague, and all this indicates something about travel. Long thick lines are signs of settlement in a foreign land for many reasons. Deep lines in the centre give family or vacation reasons. Lastly, short and vague lines say there is a chance of not going to any foreign land or even a dangerous sign to try going abroad without having destiny there in your life.


If the lines are intersecting and ending in a weird shape then it says there is a danger to your life for travelling in your life forever. You should be extra careful when you go to a foreign land and it is better not to try any wrong way like any illegal way to go foreign place. And square endings in lines are a good sign of protection and comfort in travelling.




Palmistry gives a good indication and accuracy of your life by your palm lines. And for travelling you need to learn about lines completely to know more about your travel life with what foreign occasions you will have in your life and enjoy your life with comfort in another country.