You are currently viewing LIVE LIFE LIVELY! 10 Ways to Overcome Extreme Laziness at Home (Part 2 of 2)
LIVE LIFE LIVELY 10 Ways to Overcome Extreme Laziness at Home

LIVE LIFE LIVELY! 10 Ways to Overcome Extreme Laziness at Home (Part 2 of 2)

Relaxing is different from slacking. The first is healing time, something you also give yourself as a prize. The latter gets you to nowhere but to failed missions, missed deadlines and avoidable regrets. If you’re lazy now that you have things to do, know that you’ll be disappointed with yourself later on. If you’re not the one disappointed, then it’s somebody else involved.

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this article series yet, click here. Below are the last 5 points from the 10 ways to overcome extreme laziness at home. Let’s start from number 6 up to 10 to keep the flow going. Read on!

6 – Create a Detailed To-Do List.

An unnoticeable reason for laziness is this: Your tasks are unclear to you. You have some things to do, but you don’t know what to prioritize, and you don’t handle them smartly.

To make your plans and responsibilities comprehensible and precise for your own understanding, create a detailed to-do list. Write it down. Layout everything on your plate. This is how you can organize them, make appointments as necessary, check out what’s finished, highlight what’s left, and surely get them all done.

It’s so satisfying whenever you get to tick things on your to-do list. Subtly, this can serve as a motivation to you.

7 – Start Your Tasks Early.

It’s been mentioned earlier, but to put more emphasis on it, here. Start your tasks early. When you can do it, do it already. Especially when you have time to start or finish assignments far from the due date, don’t hesitate to do so. In that way, you can produce quality outcomes too. Waking up early will be useless if you delay doing your duties. It’s not so different from waking up late, also because both give you different but certain feelings of regret.

8 – Resist Social Media Overuse!

You’ve been there, and you’ve done that! When you stay on social media before you work on your assignments or in between doing them, there’s a high possibility for you to overlook the time. You thought you’ve been scrolling up and down Twitter for only a few minutes, but actually, it’s been an hour. Your plans and desire to finish early get interrupted. So much time gets wasted before you even know!

Resist social media overuse. It’s fine when you’re just resting and relaxing while knowing how to use social media with time restrictions. However, if using it is a blockage on your way to productivity, it becomes unhealthy.

Choose to live more in the moment than in the digital sphere. Don’t make social media long-stay your daily routine. Turn off the Wi-Fi too. Disconnect from people online too. Grab the exercise equipment too. Play board games too. Eat out too. Travel too. Live real life too, and you’ll beat many lazy portions of your life.

9 – Be Afraid of Household Chores Piling Up.

You think you’ve been saying, “I’ll do the laundry tomorrow,” for just a couple of days? Nope, it has been weeks. Don’t be surprised if a mountain grows inside your house – a mountain of dirty clothes.

Be afraid of household chores piling up. Keep in mind that if you leave them unattended for a few days, soon, you’ll need to face more chores that will stress you out.

Fight laziness if you don’t want to fight more of them soon!

10 – Designate Self-Rewards for Every Finished Task.

Aside from goals, rewards are a great motivation to crush laziness! Designate self-rewards for every task you finish.

It could be grabbing a meal at a luxury restaurant, buying a new dress, ordering a new pair of basketball shoes, doing a movie marathon, or simply sleeping. It could actually be anything as long as you consider it a significant reward!

This will absolutely cheer you on as you triumph over extreme laziness!

End of Series: LIVE LIFE LIVELY!

Laziness is nothing unusual. It’s a real human thing, yet the thing is that it sometimes becomes a barrier to a better life. Fix your mindset about conquering laziness because if you rely on your physical body alone, you will not easily succeed, or you will not succeed at all. Start from the inside, so the outside can cooperate well.

Turn extreme laziness to impressive liveliness, and you will reap fruits you’ve never even imagined for yourself – for your home, for your health and for your life overall!


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.