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Don’t hire a designer to create your logo design Vancouver until you’ve read this!

Don’t hire a designer to create your logo design Vancouver until you’ve read this guide! This guide is for Startup CEO’s and small business owners who have never had a logo created by a professional. Let this article be your guide and help you navigate the rough terrain of the graphic design world. Your logo is the most important piece that will be made for you within the graphic design business. It’s the trickiest part to change later if you decide to switch brands.

So if you’ve never hired a professional to design a logo for you before, don’t rush the process. Spend a little time doing research, and read this article! You will know at least 80% of the problems you can avoid.

Is a professional logo really necessary?

Definitely yes. Over my 10 years as a graphic designer, developer and brand consultant, I have never (especially NEVER) seen a successful company that didn’t hire a logo designer. The logo designer can be someone you know, a freelancer or a design agency – it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s someone with the real ability to create a logo for you.

I’ve seen many founders and business owners try to design a logo and choose not to hire a designer to create their logo and save some money, only to regret it later when they finally survey their competitors and realize how much more professional and elegant they are. . This question could have been answered with a simple “yes”, but I want to make sure it was profound and that you realized how important it is NOT to devalue the most important graphic piece your company will own and incorporate.

Who should you hire to design my logo?

There is no shortage of options if you want to hire a designer to create your logo. Before hiring a logo designer, you need to adjust your expectations and also be aware of the commitment that will be required of you.

Freelancers: If you hire a freelancer, the cost will be low, however you will be the project manager and responsible for most of the administrative work. So if you’re on a low budget and have extra time to work closely monitoring your own logo design, this option was made for you.

Agency: If you need the best and can’t compromise on quality, your best option is to hire an agency. The cost will be high, you won’t need to constantly manage or charge someone on your project, and the quality will generally be better than hiring a freelancer.

Internal Graphic Designer: This is the most expensive option that produces the least result. Unless you have the budget to hire a good in-house designer and have a lot of work for them, it doesn’t make financial sense to bring someone in just to do a few projects.

Contests online : The services on – line are a good option for companies that do not have a mission / vision / values fully defined. If you really don’t know what you’re looking for and want to choose from a large section of designs via an online contest, this is a great option.

Unlimited Graphic Design: A design platform that offers unlimited graphic design for a fixed monthly fee. This option is good if you’re on a tight budget, need a lot more work beyond your logo, and want to have a more personal touch with a real designer you can chat with.

Doing it yourself: No.

This is just an overview of the most common ways to hire a logo designer. Read on to find a detailed and complete review of each and see which one suits you best.

How much should it cost?

If you want to hire a logo designer, expect to pay between $100 and $250 for something solid. Did you think I wouldn’t give a straight answer? Most of the time, people will circle around this question and give you a “well, it depends…” answer. It does not depend. It should cost between R$1,000.00 – R$2,500.00. Anything beyond that, you’re probably spending way too much on your logo. And anything below that, you probably won’t get what you want. Anything between R$1,000 – R$2,500.00 is a safer investment.

Now, this doesn’t disregard the fact that some agencies charge a higher price for a logo design project. The service you would get with an agency includes much more than just design work. They will work with you to do market research, value proposition and position your brand correctly. Just wonder if you are choosing an agency that is including a multitude of other services, not just logo design. Most of the time, you’re just looking for a logo. This is around R$1,000 – R$2,500.00 and that’s where you should be looking.

How long should it take?

Usually not that long. If you’re working with a good company or a trusted freelancer, you can expect to get your first draft within 2-3 days. Revisions should take no more than one to two days to complete, and within one to two weeks you will likely have your logo completed. This process relies heavily on your ability to provide clear, quality feedback, as well as your ability to express exactly what you want and don’t want. If you hire a logo designer, remember that they can only develop your design more quickly once you provide feedback and instructions. If you are slow to give feedback or cannot clearly express what you want, be prepared for delays.

Hiring an online logo designer (freelancer)

Hiring a freelancer is quick, easy and cheap. However, there are some important things you should know before hiring. It really is a gamble! Unless you’re lucky and find a highly talented and trustworthy designer, your logo will likely take a lot longer to complete than promised. They may not respond at times, and their criticisms/comments can backfire and backfire on you quickly. Sometimes it feels like you’re walking around on eggshells working with your freelancer because you don’t want to be too harsh and hurt their feelings, causing them to abandon your project and leave you hanging. Other times you get a yes – A person who says yes to anything and everything you ask for will rarely keep their promise.

Despite the cost, working freelance will require a lot of administrative work to ensure you get your logo. If you have a lot of free time and a thirst to start your business, it’s worth the experience. If you are looking for a more robust and trustworthy working relationship, consider hiring an in-house professional or hiring an agency.


  1. Accessible


  1. unreliable communication
  2. unpredictable delivery
  3. You are the project manager – it requires a lot of administrative work on your part

Hire a freelancer if…

You are a new startup/company with a low budget looking to hire a logo designer and need some design requests here and there.

Where to hire freelancers?

You can find freelancers on your LinkedIn network and also on the following websites.

  1. Workana
  2. freelancer
  3. prolancer

Hiring an in-house logo designer

You can’t exactly hire a logo designer to make just logos for your company unless that’s your business model. An in-house designer is a great option if your business model really requires a full-time designer. Your logo design shouldn’t be the reason you’re hiring someone. If you are a web design company then by all means put one up. If you are a law firm, this might not be the best investment. Also consider the type of person your designer is. If the designer is creative, fun, very communicative and is constantly looking for something creative to do. They won’t last long if you don’t provide meaningful work for them.


  1. The logo design “may” be good
  2. Can be delivered on time
  3. They can have a better understanding of the brand and the company.


  1. Payroll
  2. social security
  3. Health plan
  4. Needs significant work + attention