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6 Books Every Lawyer Should Read

Law aspirants refer to students who wish to make a career in the legal profession. With the advancement in technology and increase in opportunities, the law is being considered as one of the most sought-after professions. Proper communication, vocabulary, and correct grammar play very important parts in the life of a lawyer. For this, reading books becomes very essential. Therefore, legal aspirants should try to read as many books as possible. The following are a few such books that every law aspirant should read at least once in their lives:

ANONYMOUS LAWYER – Jeremy Blachman

This book is all about the internal working of a law firm and briefly describes the daily life of a lawyer. The story revolves around a lawyer who wants to achieve the ultimate success but has to deal with several obstacles that come in the way of achieving it. It can be called a satirical novel encircling law firms. The story is actually a wickedly funny blog started by a lawyer who is the hiring partner at one of the biggest law firms in the world. It aims to shatter the illusions about the legal corporate world by offering a peek into the harsh realities.

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THE TRIAL – Franz Kafka

Written by the German writer Franz Kafka, ‘The Trial’ is a psychological horror story. It is a terrifying tale about a man who is abruptly arrested for a crime that he has never committed. The story aims to expose a dark parody of the legal system and is a deep reflection of the obstacles perceived by the writer in his time. Considered one of the major works of Kafka, this book is considered visionary anticipation of totalitarianism. It depicts the helplessness a man faces while encountering the completely incomprehensible system.


Published in the year 1960, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is an unforgettable novel that became an instant bestseller. The book is a classic and won the Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award. Penned by Harper Lee, this book sold over 40 million copies around the world. The story is about a young girl and shows how both good and evil exist within a single person or community. Prime Tutor encourages students to read more such books which can help build greater perspective and understanding. The “tactile brilliance” of the novel makes it a must-read for every law aspirant.

THE RULE OF LAW – Tom Bingham

For those interested in law, ‘The Rule of Law’ by Tom Bingham is a must-read. This short book examines the actual meaning of the rule of law which serves as the base of the foundation of modern civilization. It discusses how the rule of law is important for the economic growth of society and can help secure peace and cooperation. The book can be useful for anyone interested in politics and the state of the world.

THE END OF LAWYERS? – Richard Susskind

A sequel to ‘ The Future of Law’ (1996), ‘The End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services’ focuses on the effects that advanced information technologies cast upon legal practices. The book showcases a world in which legal services are commoditized and offers fresh anticipations of the future. It also offers useful tips for those interested in the legal profession. The author also expresses the need for a change in the way legal services are offered and wishes to make them cost-effective for both lawyers and customers.

BLEAK HOUSE – Charles Dickens

Considered one of the best novels written by Charles Dickens, ‘Bleak House’ waits for an endless period for a legal dispute to be settled. The main themes of the book include law, social class, loss, inheritance, and secrecy. The book also highlights the effects that legal cases have on both the personal and professional lives of the clients.

Most essential skills required for the success of a legal professional are knowledge and communication. Therefore, every law student should try to read as much as possible. This article consists of a few books that every law aspirant should read at least once.  Prime Tutor is considered as one of the best institutes for CLAT preparation in Kolkata.