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Natural Remedies for Jaryan Treatment

Natural Remedies for Jaryan Treatment

Jaryan is one of the male reproductive disorders, which has now caused pathetic conditions for male health. It is linked with male impotency. We simply quote this condition as “frequent ejaculation of semen without any voluntary control.” Is this disease curable? Are you a victim of jaryan? If yes, then do you want to know more about this disease? What are the natural ways for jaryan treatment? What if this condition remains untreated? Let me answer all such quires for you!

Is The Jaryan Incurable? 

Obviously no! You can recover from jaryan. But how fast or long your recovery process will be, it all depends on your effort, nature of the treatment, and current situation of jaryan.

My good advice is, “First come and first serve”. It means, reporting your condition to a relevant healthcare representative early and getting rid of the disease fastly by opting for an appropriate jaryan treatment.

To Whom You Must Consult?

You must visit any of the following, depending on your ease for medical advice:

  • A doctor
  • A nutritionist
  • A hakim

All of these are specialized in what they do. They, if diagnose with jaryan or find related any symptoms, they initiate the jaryan treatment (jaryan ka ilaj) best suited for fast recovery. I suggest consulting your local medical practitioner first and taking the first opinion. Go for the tests for confirmation, if suggested. Then, take help from natural remedies with the complete guidance of your health care representative.

Do not try to treat yourself by your methods. Your tricks and method can lead you towards a dead-end (male impotency in the case of jaryan).

How Jaryan is Linked with Impotency?

Male Sex Hormone

There is no such thing as menopause in man. They contain a male sex hormone, testosterone produced by testicles. This hormone is responsible for developing male characters during puberty. These characters include changes in voice pitch, hair growth (beard and mustache), and much more. Also, this hormone performs a significant in sperm production.

Why Jaryan Treatment is Essential?

A male can produce many sperms throughout his life with a balanced level of sex hormones in his body. Unfortunately, jaryan impacts the production of androgen (a term used for all the male sex hormones collectively). Jaryan (mani k qatray ana) especially lowers the level of testosterone-the main hormone for sperm production. The deficiency of this hormone reflects in diminished sex desire. If the condition is neglected for a long period it will lead the patent towards infertility.

How to Get Rid of Jaryan?

We have a list of choices for jaryan treatment. But we give preference to natural remedies firsthand due to their effectiveness.

Ilaj bil tadbeer (physical exercises)

Say no to tobacco

Tobacco present in cigarettes contains carcinogens. It has 70 thousand harmful chemicals that alter the sperm protein. This then affects the sperm quality and sperm count. That’s why say no to smoking.

Avoid alcohols

Excessive alcohol consumption is a precursor of many health issues such as high blood pressure, liver problems, kidney failures, and cardiovascular diseases. The medicines used for the treatment of these diseases can also promote jaryan as a side effect. For this reason, it is good to avoid alcohol at first stance.  

No masturbation

In 1835, a study has mentioned masturbation activity as a major contributor to male reproductive disorders.

Do the Kegel Exercise

This is an exercise for the muscles in the penis. It gives strength to them. You can never get rid of jaryan with a single attempt. But regular exercise will boost your stamina and discharge timing.

Do not use tight underpants

Tight underpants are not good for you. They can also cause jaryan. Use loose underpants to give moderate climates to your testis.

Ilaj bil ghiza (diet maintenance)

This jaryan treatment focuses on the dietary habits of the victim. A proper and healthy diet is necessary to avoid jaryan as physical weakness plays a role in involuntary ejaculation.

Ilaj bil dawa (herbal medicines)

For ilaj bil dawa, we can employ different herbs for formulating herbal medicines. These herbal medicines;

  • Balance the testosterone level
  • Increase the sperm number
  • Enhance the sperm quality
  • Stimulate sexual desire
  • Cure urinary tract inflammations
  • Cure stomach pain disease

Some of the herbs most commonly used for this purpose are:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Safed Musli
  • Bala
Qurs jaryan

Ajmal dawa khana has introduced qurs jaryan for jaryan treatment. It contains safed musli is an important ingredient. Qure jaryan is one of the most selling products for male health in herbal stores. It is a reliable tablet for jaryan treatment.


Nature always has cured human problems. We have plenty of natural remedies for jaryan treatment. You are free to adopt any after consultation with your doctors. Dawa khana Hakim Ajmal Khan also has qurs jaryan for jaryan treatment.

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