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Professional Home Inspection Maryland

Professional Home Inspection Maryland

New Construction Phase Checklist and Why It Is Important?

If you buy a new home, you will need a professional inspection done. Are you surprised? Don’t be since inspections are not just for old and worn-out homes. New phase construction inspections in Gaithersburg MD are essential for new homeowners since they help avoid future problems. Although new homes don’t have issues with the wear and tear of older homes, that does not mean they are perfect.

Newly constructed homes indeed allow you peace of mind that buying older homes do not, but again new homes can have many underlying problems that a contractor may have overlooked. A Professional Home Inspection Maryland company inspection can point these out Nothing can be worse than buying a new house and moving in, only to find problems. Having a third unbiased party inspect if your home is good to go allows you peace of mind before you move in. It is always better to find problems that the contractors can fix in time than after moving in. Contractors building under tight deadlines often err and make mistakes leading to significant disappointment and losses. 

Getting a home inspection protects you as the buyer. During home construction, a county building inspector’s review is concerned about your home meeting the safety requirements and standards, and it is not there to safeguard your investment.

New construction house problems are very different from a used house. Some of the most common of these problems are

  • Poorly installed appliances
  • Gaps in deck flooring
  • HVAC malfunctioning
  • Plumbing issues
  • Window and door seal issues and so on.

New Construction Phase Inspection Checklist


New homes have no previous record, unlike older homes with a known history of problems. A new home has zero history, and you will only live in it to find out. That is why it is essential to have new construction phase inspections. New construction phase inspections are categorized into three parts, these are:


  • Foundation Phase or Pre-slab Inspection
  • Framing Inspection Phase
  • Final Inspection Phase

Experts recommend having your home inspected during these stages. Generally, two inspections are recommended; the first is before putting up the drywall. Getting an inspection done before the drywall ensures all electrical systems and framework is in place. If things require changes, they can be done without having to tear apart the dry walls later. A drywall inspection ensures everything is in order and saves you the probable hassle in terms of time and money at a later point during the construction.

The second inspection takes place when the house is complete. An inspector does a final review before the homeowners are ready to move in. He will check everything from the appliances to the HVAC and the interior and exterior to ensure everything is working and livable. Having these two inspections cleared means you are ready to move in and won’t face any problems in your new house.

Informing your contractor, you will get new construction phase inspections done will make him work with more vigilance and to higher standards. Let’s have a look at the new phase inspection category in a little more detail:

  1. Pre-slab inspection – A pre-slab inspection takes place before concrete pouring. Getting an assessment at this stage prevents problems arising later, which may need to tear the slab open. Foundation, pipes, and underground wiring are all checked before the final pour. Pre-slab inspection checklist includes:
  • Elevation
  • Grading
  • Trenches
  • Drainage
  • Plumbing and pipes
  • Drain, waste, and vent lines
  • Foundation forms and bracing
  • Placement of plastic vapor barriers
  • Beam sizes and structural cable systems
  1. Framing inspection

Final inspection occurs when the house has a framing skeleton up and all the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and gas work is roughed in. This part of the inspection takes place before the insulation. A municipal framing inspection takes place at the same time too. The framing inspection checklist includes:

  • Frame, screws, nails
  • Fire blocking
  • Water-resistive barriers
  • Flashing
  • stairwell
  • Thermal envelope
  • Electrical systems
  • HVAC & Ducts
  • Plumbing
  1. Final Inspection

The final inspection includes a thorough review of the house. A final inspection is ideally be done a couple of days before moving into the house. If you have any concerns, they can be addressed before you move into your new home.

  • Grading
  • Shingles, caulking, flashings
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Fencing
  • Driveways
  • Sheds or other structures

What does a new phase inspection save you from?

No two home inspections have the same results, but here are some of the most common issues found during new construction phase inspections:

  • Incomplete items or out-of-sync installation can result in moisture intrusion. Moisture intrusion problems left unchecked can lead to future leaks, mold damage, and significant property damage. Therefore, it is essential to catch these problems as early as possible.
  • Changes you make at the design center often get miscommunicated or not communicated to the right people in time for the change implementation. Seeing the report lets you check whether the changes are made.
  • Contractors often rush to meet deadlines and can easily miss small deadlines that can become huge in the long run. These minor problems take time and money to correct later on.
  • Changes you make during an inspection don’t get addressed until too late and become a hassle to fix. Ensuring things get done at the right time prevents hurdles and delays later. Some items caught late may even need more time and money to correct initially required.
  • A Professional home examination opens up the owner’s eyes to defects that may need attention. A quality phase inspection guarantees that everything is according to plan.

A New Construction Phase Inspection Checklist Maryland includes everything to ensure you move into a house with peace of mind. If you are buying a new home, you need a new phase inspection, TTBS is a professional inspection company in Gaithersburg that will make sure your moving into your new home comes with zero hassle.