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Promise Rings: To Whom and Why To Give

Promise Rings: To Whom and Why To Give

The confusion surrounding the meaning of a promise ring is completely understandable. With promise rings, purity rings, engagement rings, pre-engagement rings, and beyond.

What is the purpose of a promise ring? What finger is she wearing? Are they for women only? How to get one, give one, buy one, return one? A lot of questions. That’s why we’ve done some research to tell you everything you need to know about the meaning, traditions, and more about Promise Rings.

What are Promise Rings?

May my tongue dry up and my ears fall off. It seems that this is how we backed up our words in childhood, promising each other something very important that cannot be broken.

Such is the tradition – an honest word must necessarily be fixed with something symbolic: a handshake, a receipt, or significant rituals.

The Promise Ring is just about that.

Promise Ring Meaning

As the name suggests, promise rings symbolize a Promise Ring Meaning made between two people. But their specific and personal meaning can change from situation to situation. The appeal of the promise ring largely stems from the many meanings it can represent.

To Whom To Give Promise Rings

It symbolizes that you made a promise to someone (and sometimes yourself) and keep your word. Promises in this case can be very different: chastity (and then it is called the purity ring). Fidelity to each other between friends, a word to oneself to gain a useful habit or make a decision on an important issue.

However, its most popular use is before Engagement. Its Second name is pre-engagement.

For example, you are too young to get married, you are in a long-distance relationship, or you are simply not ready to get married. But you want to show your partner that you care for a monogamous relationship. And have chosen only him – give him a promise ring as a sign of the sincerity of your words.

Not To Be Confusing With Engagement

Unlike the engagement ring, this ring can be inexpensive, it can be ordered in silver without stones or with a small diamond. It must reflect the meaning of your intentions.

The “talking” design of the product will help with this – for example, it can be a ring in the form of a heart or a knot – or your participation in the creation. So, you can leave your fingerprint or author’s engraving in the ring.

How To Give

You can make a surprise – of course, not forgetting to explain the meaning of your gift. And you can choose it together. This way you will avoid a possible awkward situation (“Is that an engagement ring?”) and choose exactly what your other half likes.

By the way, it is not without reason that the ring is called pre-engagement, because it can have another meaning. A prototype of the future engagement, placeholder ring. In other words, an inexpensive ring is given as a temporary engagement ring. It will be replaced by a more expensive one when the bride finds “her” design.

There is another way – to choose two promise rings and exchange them. And if initially, promise rings were given mainly by men to women, now paired promise rings are increasingly common.

History of the Promise Ring

The “fathers” of modern promise rings – the so-called poetic rings (posy rings, or poesie rings) – were common in the Middle Ages. In the XIII-XVI centuries. As a sign of their devotion, friendship, or deeper feelings, they gave rings with engraved phrases, such as “united hearts, death only parts”.

The choice of the inscription could be anything and was based only on the literary abilities and education of the author.

There was another type of similar jewelry – rings with acrostics, in other words, with an encrypted message. So, the ring was decorates with stones with different names, and by the initial letters of these names it was possible to make a word – for example, “love”. They were common in the Georgian (1714-1837) and Victorian (1837-1901) eras.

How To Wear Promise Rings?

Just as there are no rules about who to give a promise ring to, there are no guidelines for wearing one. Usually, people choose to wear a promise ring on the middle finger or the ring finger of the left hand, so as not to be confused with an engagement ring. Another common way to wear a promise ring as a pendant on a chain is closer to the heart.

What Should a Promise Ring look like?

In general, promise rings are usually smaller and more modest than engagement rings.

There are no rules about the best metals or the best stones for promise rings, making popular whatever appeals to you…and your wallet.

In terms of style, everything is also possible with promise rings. Honestly, there are no requirements for this. Here are some popular promise ring designs:

Claddagh Rings:

This is a traditional Irish design that features a heart held by two hands and a crown, loyalty, representing love, and friendship.

Eternity Diamond Rings:

This is a ring where the line of stone goes around the finger. This choice may seem a little premature, but the message of the committee could not be clearer.

Rings of precious or semi-precious stones.

Diamonds are a popular choice, although the stones tend to have a lower carat weight or cluster together in pavé rather than a single stone.

Some couples even select matching promise rings. If you find online a matching couple rings, we recommend the best option for you – Angle Couple Crown Promise Rings. Visit or buy it from Gemistone Jeweler’s online store.

In terms of commitment, promise rings are more of a fashion statement, whereas engagement rings are more sacred because they are the first step toward marriage.

It is therefore not necessary to reveal the great game directly with a promise ring but on the contrary to give a glimpse of a common future.

There is even more freedom in a non-romantic relationship. Why not pick a ring that symbolizes the people as well as the promise? For instance, a promise ring with a tree of life will mean a commitment to a healthier lifestyle (e.g. eating healthier, doing mediation, quitting smoking, etc.)

What should the price of a Promise Ring be?

There are no rules or guidelines for engagement ring pricing, but it is typically much lower than an engagement ring.

First of all, each person has their values ​​and budget. We have a good budget and high-quality promise rings starting price $100 to $2000 on available on every metal and size.

First and foremost, each individual has their own set of values and financial. In this case, a gold ring or even a small diamond will be more appropriate.

In the case of a romantic promise ring, the people who buy them are often young and do not have the financial means to spend a lot of money so do not put yourself under financial pressure for a promise ring.

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