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Protect Your Property With The Best Security Guard Services

Protect Your Property With The Best Security Guard Services

What do you anticipate from a provider of security guard services when you hire them? If your response includes the following: 

  • Emergency support 
  • Rapid reaction to urgent situations 
  • 24*7 availability 
  • Highly qualified security guards 
  • Licensed security vehicles
  • Security items such as cameras and video surveillance are utilized.

Then American Global Security is the ideal solution for you because we offer all of the above. To ensure complete client satisfaction, we meet all of your requirements and take each step after consulting with you.

Years of experience have honed our skills to perfection, which is why we proudly rank among the top security guard companies in Los Angeles.

We begin by determining your requirements. This includes the type of security service you require, the features you wish to see added to our service, and a variety of other factors. Prior to making any decision, our security guard staff works closely with you.

Among the many security services available, this article will focus on the most frequently requested mobile patrol security services. Continue reading to gain all of the necessary knowledge.

Our mobile patrol security services are tailored to your specific requirements.

Hire a mobile patrol security service provider if you are preparing to leave your residence and want to avoid security concerns. This will safeguard your property against theft, burglary, and damage. Additionally, our security officers supervise video surveillance operations and patrol your neighborhood. Keep in mind that we are always available by phone.

In your absence, our security officers conduct security patrols at your location using licensed security vehicles. This is performed on a regular basis to keep an eye out for any anomalies. Along with these measures, they inspect and seal any unsecured windows or entryways that could be used for criminal activity. Additionally, they inspect for known risks and fires.

They monitor all acts that appear suspicious using camera and video surveillance. They prohibit unauthorized individuals from entering the premises who do not have access. These services are provided for a variety of building types, including corporate headquarters, shopping centers, and plazas. There are numerous characteristics and benefits of American Global Security listed below that might assist you in making an informed decision to hire us.

What type of patrolling services can you expect from us?

  • Capturing the client’s order for the shutting and opening of the premises.
  • Conducting ad hoc patrols on a regular basis to ensure the client’s safety and security.
  • Patrols are tasked with the responsibility of detecting robbery and burglary in the vicinity of or within your premises.
  • Maintaining an eagle’s eye out for unlicensed vehicles, vandals, and prospective cheaters.
  • Emergency alerts are responded to immediately and further investigation is conducted.
  • It’s 24 hours every day, every day of the year.

Mobile patrol security services have a number of distinctive characteristics.

  • To communicate our presence to burglars and thieves, security guards patrol in company-branded security cars.
  • Under our supervision, all of your valuables are safeguarded from threats.
  • Whether it’s a commercial structure or a private residence, AGS monitors your neighborhood for suspicious activity. Before allowing someone in, a thorough inquiry is conducted.
  • You are free to leave the premises at any moment and leave your valuables in our care, as our services are not time-bound.
  • Our highly experienced unarmed security guard conducts a thorough examination of the facility to determine if anything has been taken. Physical patrolling can be conducted on foot, by automobile, or by bicycle at multiple places during a single shift. This enables law enforcement officers to take immediate action in the event of a crime.
  • Hiring mobile patrol services will save you money compared to hiring a full-time security guard of comparable quality. When you leave your position, the security guards can respond to a call and arrive.
  • If you own many commercial properties in various locations, AGS’s security guard services in California are an excellent choice.

How do you know that you can rely on us?

When you have numerous choices, you may be wondering why you would choose us. Always verify the following:

  • Registration and licensing of security vehicles and security service providers
  • Security guards who are certified and well-trained 
  • Security guards must be knowledgeable with cutting-edge technologies in order to accurately record and report on everything.

We strive to satisfy our consumers through our work, which results in us earning their hearts and trust.