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Roku Overheating: How to Fix It?

Most people use Roku TV because it is a leading name in media streaming devices. It runs on software, and it is very easy to use. People can regularly watch audio and video content. They can also watch YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more. The user faces very few errors in their Roku TV. Sometimes they face Roku overheating problems with their Roku devices.

It has become essential for us to fix the overheating problem. Roku TV sends many messages regularly, such as Roku overheating messages. There are many reasons for this message. The primary reason is the regular use of Roku TV.

How to Verify Roku Overheating?

Sometimes users do not guess the reason for its overheating. It is also necessary to check various signs that give hints of the Roku device overheating. There is slow navigation or audio, buffering of videos, or non-syncing of videos.

Users can understand these signs that their Roku TV is overheating. It is also necessary for us to read messages on Roku and fix them quickly.

Roku Device Shows Red Light

There is a white LED light on Roku Ultra and Roku Express. When it turns red, it means Roku is overheating.

Blinking of Roku Screen

Users can see various messages on their Roku device when there are firmware or technical problems. When there is a flashing screen, it means some issue is there. There is also a message on the screen that says, “Your device is overheating.” The user must fix them.

Manually Check

We can also check the device manually. When we touch it, we feel warm. It means our Roku device is hot. This is the best and simplest way to view the existing issues. After checking, we can quickly fix them properly so we can watch our favorite shows.

Temperature Check of Roku

We get a Roku overheating message when the temperature of the Roku device is very high. If we don’t fix them, our device can be damaged.

Ways to Fix Roku’s Overheating Problem

The user also wants to fix the Roku device’s overheating. We must use the best method to solve the problem quickly. Let us check methods to rectify the Roku overheating problem.

Disconnect Your Roku Device

The first method is to disconnect your Roku device so that we can solve its issue. The process is simple. Roku comes with a power cord, so we can drag it for a few seconds. Now wait for 2 seconds and touch the device. If it’s still hot, wait for a few more minutes. When we regularly use Roku, it becomes overheated. It is best to unplug your device for a few minutes so it will shut down and become cool.

Connect Power Cord with Roku Device

Connect the power cord to the Roku device again after it cools. It is also imperative to check its overheating problem. We can also check its LED lights. If there is white light, it means we can use Roku. It is easy to plug the cord into them. There is a need to press the home button on the Roku remote five times. Now press forward and pause the button at the same time. It is essential to press its rewind, pause, and fast-forward buttons. The Roku device also shows the temperature of the device. If the problem is not fixed, then there is a need to wait a few minutes again.

Change Your Roku Device Location

This issue can also be solved by moving it. Keep the Roku away from heating elements, direct sunlight, cabinets, and other inserted spaces. We can also change its power sockets. It is also better not to place the Roku near power switches.

Repeat All The Above Steps

Overheating must be checked to see if it has been resolved. In case the problem persists, repeat the above steps. It turned off its red light after we completed all steps. White light returns after a few seconds. Now we have solved Roku overheating problem. There is no risk of damage to this device.

Avoid the Roku Overheating Issue with These Steps

To avoid Roku overheating problems, we must learn how to prevent it. These tips will help you avoid these types of issues in the future.

Never Place Roku in Hot Places

Place Roku away from hot spots. It is always excellent to install devices in the best locations. We don’t place direct heat near the device. Place it away from power outlets, closed cabinets, and direct heat. Closed cabinets do not have airflow so the device will heat up more. On open shelves or cabinets, we can place it.

Overlap of Devices

There is an overlapping of devices. We can place many electronic devices near each other. It gets heat from devices and Roku faces overheating problems. We must avoid placing routers, modems, cable boxes, and other devices near Roku.

Proper Cleaning of Roku Device

We must clean the Roku device regularly. When we do proper cleaning, there is no dust on our Roku device. It also reduces the chances of Roku overheating.

Final Thoughts

We can fix Roku’s overheating problem with the above-mentioned steps. It becomes easy for us to control Roku by overheating messages. It is also crucial for us to read all messages regularly and fix errors quickly.

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