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Samura 67 Damascus The cook may be the basic part of the Chef’s Three, a kitchen area that is multi-purpose made from VG-10 steel, made utilizing Damascus technology. Made for various types of work with your kitchen. It’s easy for them to chop cabbage, vegetables, herbs, meat, fish, and poultry. 

The key properties for the Samura 67 Damascus Chef knife:


The weight of the blade is 195 grams. It’s convenient and easy for them to work, the wrist does not get tired during long cooking, but on top of that, the knife is believed in the hand, unlike the lightweight show.

The dimensions

The length of the handle is 122 mm, the length of the knife is entire 330 mm, the size of the blade is 208 mm. The butt width is 4.5 mm at the bed’s base and 2.8 mm during the narrowing that is lenticular. Butt thickness 2 mm.

Sharpening kind 

Blade sharpened for a water stone # 3000. The factory sharpening angle is 15-17 degrees – generally speaking accepted guidelines in Japan regarding the quality of this blade. 


Has the classic shape of a Damascus kitchen knife set that is European. The blade with habits of Damascus metal is fairly wide, having a slight decrease associated with the butt line. The iridescent blade is made of micarta, a product made from phenolic resins, dyes, and filling materials such as paper, linen, or canvas. This layering provides the micarta with a pattern that is interesting to a cut of a tree. Installing of a bill of lading handle, with steel rivets.

Manufacturing material

The Chef’s blade is constructed of numerous kinds of high-alloy carbon steels. The central layer is the hardest with a sharp leading edge, plus the staying levels are more flexible and provide security against mechanical damage. Through repeated forging and solidifying in ovens, followed by manual sharpening at an angle that is minimum chemical etching associated with a blade, and polishing, it was possible to produce the Damascus Chef Blade.

It’s sharp, difficult, durable. The handle is constructed of micarta. The product has increased water resistance; perfectly withstands temperature modifications; resistant to technical processing includes a dense structure that does not soak up odors; the micro-relief for the material doesn’t slip in the hand even yet in wet conditions and is a snug fit to the blade makes no gaps at all and doesn’t allow food residues and harmful microorganisms to amass.

Production technology

Forge welding is anThe central layer is an operation that is key to the creation of Damascus metal. Typically the most popular way of making steel that is Damascus in arranging a package of contrasting levels of metal, warming it, and straight welding the elements at a particular temperature, which provides a hardness of about 61 HRC.

After the package is complete, several kinds of patterns may be created. In Samura 67 Damascus Chef used a mosaic damask. This kind of pattern is made in advance and developed by placing contrasting metals of numerous sizes and profiles in the workpiece. Once the pieces are chained together within the workpiece, a case is composite formed.  


The knife comes in a branded black rectangular field by having a red velvet insert and packaging that is clear. The blade is tightly placed because of stops and a unique shape which will not let the blade fall out. In each field, a warranty can be located by you for the product.

Care and storage space

Caring for your knife plays a critical part in how long it’ll last whether it keeps its exceptional characteristics for you. 

Samura 67 Damascus Chef – a knife with a range that is wide of, will deal with any work in the kitchen. Like other professional multi-layer knives made of Damascus steel, is  Samura 67 Damascus Chef calls for careful maintenance. Read more about the care and storage space that is proper on our site. 

Knife Samura 67 Damascus Chef could be the main blade regarding the Chef’s Three, made of Damascus metal with a pattern that is mosaic the blade, which indicates its high strength, wears resistance associated with cutting edge, and because of its unusual pattern, helps it be identifiable and unlike other knives.

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