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Silage making machine with cutting-edge machinery at Malik Argo

Silage making machine with cutting-edge machinery at Malik Argo

Silage making machine:

Fodder Cutter (also identified as Chara Cutter, Silage Making Machine, Chaff Cutter, and Hammer Mill) has high fighting and sturdiness, and, also that, they have vivid efficiency. They unite quality, power, durability, and precision in the allowance of many crops. Perfect for farmers who need nourishing their livestock on an ordinary basis, Malik Argo Industries Silage making machines are designated for animal food makings, such as cattle and poultry among others. Its important and rapid rotor has high defiant hammers and knives that grind grains and maize cobs for creating deliberate ration besides cutting grass, sugar cane, and roots for green fodder groundwork.

Our most existing quick chaff cutter for dairy industries, as dairying is a significant source of supplementary proceeds to small/subsidiary farmers as well as big farmers and farm laborers. In addition to milk, the fertilizer from animals provides a fine source of organic matter for humanizing soil richness and crop yields. The gobar gas from the manure is used as fuel for domestic purposes as also for operation engines for drawing water from the well. The remaining fodder and agricultural by-product are profitably utilized for feeding the animals.

Almost all draught power for ranch operations and moving is supplied by bullocks. Since agriculture is frequently continuing, there is an option of finding employment all through the year for several persons through dairy farming. Thus, dairy also employs all over the year. The main recipient of dairy programs is small/marginal farmers and landless laborers. Our Chaff cutter cut dry, as you be aware with to retain up a healthy cow, she needs a lot of fresh feed every day, so this is a new time comes to buy a new chaff cutter, which can increase dairy farm milk production and capability.


  • Grind dry corn grain and cobs
  • Chop sugar cane
  • Tropical grasses
  • Cassava
  • Fine branches and other green goods with better quality.


Fodder Processors with fruitful ability according to the technical stipulation table of this document, Silage making machine prepared with knives and hammers en suite special and hard-bitten steel, the entire rotor in carbon steel, moving hammers with 4 working lives, adaptable counter-knife integrated singular steel, sieves of 0,8mm, 3mm, 5mm and flat base for exceptional practice in maize grain, maize cobs, and green products in wide-ranging (rummage), voluntary cyclones, bases for driving by electric motors, diesel/gasoline, 3-point connection/ tractor PTO. To make out versions and trimmings to be had as well as the required power for every model, give pleasure to check the technical specifications board.

Uses of Silage Machine Toka:

Chaff Cutter/ is the gear and solutions for animal nourish – grass cutter appliance, chaff cutter machines & food processors are an obligation for the dairy farmer that wants an economical solution and superb cost-benefit relationship. These chaff cutters have high efficiency to make silage and are suggested for everyday feeding of the animals, chaff cutter for fodder making with ease can be operated by tractor, diesel engine as well as a stimulating motor. The newest single row and twice row scavenge harvesters are also obtainable on demand.

These Silage Making Machine cut corn/maize, paddy grass, Dry and wet grass, berseem, sugarcane groundnut, etc. Great for Dairy farms, mushroom farms, coco trees, Napier grass, wood stems, etc for silage making, as silage procedure must absolute in total 16 Hrs, so it needs swift chaff cutting.

Increase your crop and output with the powerful and modern.

silage machine at Malik Agro Industries for discounted prices. These effective. silage machines are equipped with up-to-date automated technologies to profit more in a short period. They are extensively popular among those complicated in farming for their supreme reliable service and better durability serving them last for a long period.

No matter what are you looking to crop, be it tea, water weeds, or other kinds of grains, these. Silage machine are authoritative and creative enough to support you in all your purposes. These machines are developed inventing up-to-date technological developments and come with a wide variety of harvesting capacities. The automatic. Silage-making machines reachable here are driven by components and the rotary edges are sharp and artistic, guaranteeing advanced yields. You can also obtain your pro-active power combined.

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