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Some Hidden iPhone Tricks That You Should Know

Some Hidden iPhone Tricks That You Should Know

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The iPhone is one of the most loved smartphones in the industry, and with timely updates the device has evolved into a cracker of a device for entertainment and productivity. The performance of the iPhones are great due to Apple’s inherent processors and the brilliant lag-free iOS operating system. Also, all compatible iPhones receive iOS updates tograther and thus, there are no waiting times for getting an update for your device like Androids. However, there are certain hidden iPhone tricks that many do not know about, read on to find out.

Move Multiple iPhone Apps at Once

I am sure you already know how to reorganize your apps on the iPhone via the jiggle app gesture. You need to press and hold any app until you see the apps jiggle and then move them one by one to a new home screen window or in a particular folder. Sure, with the recent iOS updates, the App Library already has all your iPhone apps sorted, but for a better customised look, it’s better to take matters into your own hands.

One particular hidden feature of the iPhone is to organise multiple apps at once. All you have to do is press and hold an app until you see all the other apps jiggle. Now do not lift your finger from the app that you need to move, and using another finger, tap all the other apps that you need to rearrange. Once done, using the same single finger, group the apps into one folder or move them to a new home screen window.

Convert Any Webpage into a PDF Document

While browsing web pages in Safari on your iPhone or iPad you can share them as PDF documents with your contacts or save it on your device for future reference. Similarly, once the webpage is saved on your device, you can even view them while you are offline. To save any web page as a PDF document, look for the share icon on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the Share Icon and select Options > Under the Send As menu you will have the option to select Automatic, PDF, or Web Archives > Tap PDF and hit Done.

Once the settings have been saved, you can share the web page as a PDF document via AirDrop, Instant Messaging apps, or Email. You will also be able to select the Save To Device option that’ll let you save the PDF document on your device in the Files app.

Similarly, there are many iPhone hacks that’ll help you make the most of your iPhone. Also, if you use Do Not Disturb, do not forget to assign emergency contacts and allow them to bypass your silent mode settings.