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Step by step to become an insurance agent

Are you looking for information about how to be an insurance agent? Currently, pursuing a career as an insurance agent is in high demand. This is because, with the constant changes that exist in society and nature, the need has arisen for people to protect their lives, families, property, and businesses.

For this reason, if you are part of that population that wants to become an insurance agent, this article is for you; since you will find in detail all the information you need to know to be an outstanding insurance agent in Mexico.

What does an insurance agent do?

An insurance agent is a professional trained to sell policies that will protect your assets, businesses, your health, and that of your family.

Insurance advisors work in insurance companies to offer and sell insurance policies that suit the needs of potential clients. What type of insurance do they sell? Agents can sell all types of insurance (life, property, against accidents, personal and business health, as well as automobile insurance), as long as their professional license qualifies them as suitable for carrying out the activity.

An insurance professional must be familiar with and identify with your company since he or she must have extensive knowledge of the products and services to achieve successful sales. It is important to keep in mind that a user will always contract the service of the most reliable agent, who goes beyond a simple sale and cares about her well-being.

To quickly identify the activities carried out by an insurance agent, we list their functions:

  • Have as the main function the sale of the services of the insurance company through promotion in different marketing channels.
  • Identify potential clients, offering them confidence and guarantee that the contracted service will be able to cover their needs.
  • Process all the necessary documentation to carry out the policy contract.
  • Carefully investigate the history of the client before the credit bureaus, measure their payment behavior, financial capacity, among others.
  • If you are going to sell a property or automobile policy, you should carefully inspect each of the assets to verify their condition.
  • Guarantee once the contract has been signed, all established regulations are complied with.
  • Assist the insured in the event of an unforeseen event that warrants the use of the policy.

The main function of an advisor is to efficiently sell the policies granted by insurers.

Requirements to be an insurance agent

To be able to work as an insurance agent you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have the professional license issued by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission.
  • The high school was completed.
  • Official Identification.
  • Child size photography.
  • Proof of address.
  • Hire an Errors and Omissions policy to guarantee the protection of agents through their safety during the exercise of their profession.
  • Accredit the exam to obtain the Agent card with a minimum score of 7.0.
  • Take a course to pass the exam.
  • Submit skills inventory assessment to determine agent profile.

Likewise, you must have a personal commitment to be able to efficiently carry out the activities inherent to the profession.

Courses to be an insurance agent

When you are an advisor you must be in constant preparation to be able to function professionally in the insurance field.

There are several courses that you can take to be an insurance agent, among them are:

  • Financial Education:  This type, of course, will allow you to have an excellent financial education that will allow you to prepare budgets, obtain credits, make investments, have good prevention and insurance management.
  • Database: this course will give you the tools to create customer databases through programs such as excel, allowing you to save time and keep the data organized.
  • Techniques to achieve the closing of sales:  you will be able to obtain effective techniques that contribute to the closing of successful sales in an insurance company.
  • Personal marketing:  believe it or not, as an insurance advisor you must know how to sell yourself to potential clients to guarantee effective purchase and trust in the insurance company.

If you have the following professions, you will be able to work efficiently as an insurance agent in Mexico:

  • Economic Sciences.
  • Business Administration.
  • Actuarial and financial sciences.
  • Business Studies.

Step by step to be an insurance agent

If you are interested in becoming an insurance agent, we present a brief guide so you can achieve it:

know the race

Career success will depend on how much you love your career, so it is recommended that you inform yourself well before starting your studies to determine if it is what you like.

One of the important points to take into account are the following:

  • How much does an insurance agent earn?
  • Requirements you must meet to be an insurance agent.
  • Duration time.
  • Study hours.
  • Have the ability to become familiar with insurance agencies.

Go to an insurance office to start recruitment

You must bear in mind that many Mexican companies are strict when recruiting staff to act as an insurance advisors, for which they generally carry out two interviews to guarantee the commitment of the applicant.

The process is the following:

  • First interview:  the candidate will be met personally and personal data such as age, studies, and other general data will be analyzed before moving on to the second filter.
  • Second interview:  an in-depth analysis of the professional’s profile and skills is carried out, as well as an evaluation of the skills inventory to determine if they meet the company’s objectives.

Once you have completed the admission process, you will be prepared to be an insurance agent.

Conduct training to take the exam

You must participate in training courses so that you can efficiently pass the exam carried out by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission so that you can obtain a professional license.

Once the preparation is completed and you feel prepared to pass the exam, you must go to the CNSF offices to register for the exam, which costs approximately 800 pesos. In the case of the professional license, you must pay the amount of 3,591 pesos, to be able to act as an insurance policy advisor.

Join an insurer

When you obtain your professional license, go to the insurance company so that they can give you your code as an insurance agent in the system. Once you have obtained the ID, you can start generating income from your salary as people and earn commissions.

 Gather the Database of your customers

Start by making a database of possible clients interested in acquiring an insurance policy in the short and medium-term, so you can include family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and all possible prospects who will become future clients.

start selling

You will be prepared to start in the insurance sales business, being able to guarantee a considerable number of clients committed to the company. As an important fact, you should know that the more trust you generate among your clients, the more possibilities you will have to build a solid client portfolio.