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Suffering From Uric Acid? Four Foods You Must Avoid

Suffering From Uric Acid? Four Foods You Must Avoid

Uric acid is a waste product that is created when chemicals called purines, which are found in some foods, break down. Purines are high in some foods like dried beans, beer, sardines, and certain meats. Moreover, our body filters out this uric acid through the kidneys and in the form of urine. If the body can’t get rid of this acid or consume purine at a high level in your diet, it will result in uric acid in the blood.

Let’s check out some foods which you must avoid:-

  • Purine-rich foods: You have to avoid intake of these rich foods if your body has a high level of purine chemicals. Purine-rich foods include certain meats, seafood, and vegetables, and one should limit the consumption of these foods to get rid of suffering from uric acid. Avoid eating mutton, green peas, mushrooms, fish shellfish, and other foods.


  • Protein-rich foods: Protein foods are the source of energy in your body. However, if anyone is dealing with increased uric acid levels, it must be avoided. As few medications for lower uric acid include fever and other problems, one can buy best cough and cold medicine for adults from Healthskool Pharmacy, a reliable website for buying medicines, if they confuse fever with Covid.


  • Sugary foods and beverages: Recent studies have shown that sugar may also be one of the potential causes of an increased level of uric acid. Additionally, if you have hyperuricemia, staying away from sugar and its products should be the choice. One should check food labels for added sugars and include whole foods and fewer refined packaged foods. It will help you cut out sugars from your diet. All food beverages contain fructose and glucose-containing sugar, which leads to a higher amount of uric acid. Hence, its avoidance is a must.


  • Avoid Alcohol Consumption: Frequent alcohol intake is one of the known causes for hyperuricemia, a high uric acid level. Drinking alcohol makes you more hydrated as a result, it triggers high uric acid levels. The worst items include beer and hard liquor. They are at a high purine level.

Other points one should remember:-

Even after avoiding certain foods, one should also consider certain other things. Those are:

  • One should always maintain their weight. A high uric acid level is in people who are overweight.
  • Increase intake of vitamin C such as lemon. It is a rich source of citric acid, which helps to dissolve the excess acid from your body.
  • One can also take medicine from one of the leading websites Healthskool Pharmacy, a famous uric acid medicine name Uricostat Tablet. It helps to keep levels of uric acid low.
  • Include apple cider vinegar in your diet. It contains malic acid and breaks down uric acid removing it from the body.

Bottom Line:

Even though many medications are available for the treatment of people suffering from uric acid, one must strictly adhere to their diet also. They should also keep in mind the foods to avoid and which ones to eat.