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The 5 Most Fun and Ridiculous Online Games on Steam

The 5 Most Fun and Ridiculous Online Games on Steam

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The 5 Most Fun and Ridiculous Online Games on Steam

Here are the games we have selected for you that you can play online with your friends on Steam when you are looking for good old-fashioned entertainment.


1 – 4 Players

Simple controls let you focus only on the real challenge: working and communicating quickly together in a highly intense and dizzying environment. ( I’ve written before about my love of Overcooked and how it reminds me of my times spent in a real kitchen.)

There’s great seasonal (and some free) downloadable content available, so it’s a game you can return to as new episodes come out.

Compared to the previous game, I recommend Overcooked 2 because ( unless you’re using Steam Remote Play ) it doesn’t have standard online multiplayer.

Portal 2

1 – 2 Players

Portal 2 ‘s single-player mode is loved by many, as is its online co-op mode. You don’t need any prior knowledge of Portal to enjoy playing together, you just need to know the first-person camera controls.

Play with a friend to solve increasingly difficult Portal puzzles together or “accidentally” kill each other in ridiculous ways.

Passing the levels is a bit like a room escape game. Although it contains many stopping points, you can lose track of time and Play Squid Games online free for hours!

Jackbox Party Packages 3

2-8 players+

All Jackbox Games are similar to ordinary board games like Cards Against Humanity, Telestrations, charades that you play while hanging out with your friends.

They’re especially great because, as with a regular board game, only one person in the group needs to own the game. Everyone else can join via browser, tablet, or phone.

The game is basically designed for in-person multiplayer, but with just the installer streaming on Discord (it’s on Twitch, but the delay can be too much), anyone can enjoy the game wherever they are.

Most games support up to 8 people and if your group is large, someone comes in the middle of the game, etc. It also includes “audience participation”.

while I would recommend any of the six Jackbox Party Packs available, the third episode is the most popular and features these 5 games:

  • Quiplash 2 (3-8 players): The sequel to Say What You Want. The sequel to Say What You Want. Play new questions or make up your own!
  • Trivia Murder Party (1-8 players): A deadly quiz where you fall in love with an insane killer.
  • Guesspionage (2-8 players): A guessing game where you extract mind-blowing data.
  • Tee KO (3-8 players): A fierce t-shirt fighting game where you have your custom t-shirts fight to the death.
  • Fakin’ It (3-6 players): In this three-card game, one of your friends is hiding something.

(Note: Another fun Jackbox game, Drawful 2, is free on Steam right now!)

Gang Beasts

1 – 4 Players

“Gang Beasts is a ridiculous multiplayer party game set in the rough streets of Steak City, with sullen gelatin characters, prank fight sequences, and absurd and dangerous locations.”

The game is as fun to watch as it is to play:

BattleBlock Theater

1 – 4 Players

You can join up to 4 people in BattleBlock Theater’s arena mode, but the highlight of the game is the hilarious story mode where 2 players can play together. Even the voice acting itself makes this game worth playing.