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The benefits of canoeing

The benefits of canoeing

This sport has become a recurring practice for many people. The benefits of canoeing offer effective lifeguard training possibilities for the more advanced athletes and relaxation space for those just looking for disconnection from the daily routine. Know the virtues of this discipline!

Although many see it as something distant or extremely complicated, canoeing is actually a discipline suitable for all types of people. That is why it becomes a phenomenal option to enjoy with the family.

If you have a lake, river, or any watercourse near your home, you cannot miss the impressive emotions that this activity transmits. The benefits of canoeing are many, and we are going to tell you about them below.

Training for canoeing

Before listing the positive consequences of practicing this sport, it is appropriate to go a little deeper into the physical preparation that it demands. In general, work planning is done based on three main axes:

Physical abilities essential for a good paddle technique: in this case, the aim is to improve qualities such as coordination, balance, flexibility, and speed. Combined, they all contribute to the evolution of the canoeist.
Strength training: it is essential since the advancement of the athlete and the boat in the water is largely due to the force that this can exert through the paddle.
Improvement of resistance: depending on the type of test you want to face, this training can vary. A canoeing race can last from 30 seconds to 4 or 5 minutes, so the athlete must be prepared to resist the maximum performance all this time.

5 benefits of canoeing

Both from the physical point of view and from the mental plane, it is an activity that produces very positive effects for the well-being of an individual, whatever their level of technique and performance. These are the main ones:

1. Development of the muscles of the back and arms

Of course, the force of the dorsal muscles transmitted by the arms is key to being able to propel yourself in the aquatic environment. However, the lower back and abdomen also contribute to body stability, to achieve the correct posture and maintain balance in the boat.

Without a doubt, canoeing is one of the best activities we can choose to enhance the muscles in these areas of the body. Have you seen the size of the arms and back of professional athletes in this discipline?

2. Aerobic work, essential among the benefits of canoeing

The cardiovascular system also benefits from the practice of this sport. A publication from the University of Murcia assures that a physiological adaptation occurs due to regular exercise; for this reason, the efficiency of oxygen transport throughout the body is much higher, and this results in notable improvements in health in this regard.

3. Prevention of injuries and illnesses

Being such a demanding activity, one of the benefits of canoeing is that it strengthens practically the entire upper body. In this way, a person is less likely to suffer pain in daily life or to be injured by other physical activities.

It is also a phenomenal method to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. This is very important since obesity can lead to problems of various kinds that seriously affect people’s health.

4. Combat stress, one of the most important benefits of canoeing

Getting close to nature, feeling the wind on your face, and fighting the waves or being carried away by them may be all we need to feel better. This sport is exceptional to get rid of the worries, responsibilities, and mental fatigue of the work routine.

In addition, the release of hormones such as endorphins typical of physical activities produces pleasant sensations in the body. Then, these are transferred to the rest of the activities, which are approached with greater enthusiasm, and also to the relationship with other people.

5. Burn calories and slim your figure

Like many other water sports, canoeing is an activity that involves a high caloric expenditure. Therefore, it is great for those interested in losing weight and reducing their percentage of fat mass, which helps to achieve greater muscle definition.

Finally, we could also add that it is a fun activity and that it can be done together —the K2 and K4 categories are collective, thus favoring social interaction. You will even know new places and landscapes practicing it. Get on your canoe and take advantage of the benefits of canoeing!