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Posca pens can be used on shoes Posca Paint pens, also known as Posca Paint Markers, can be easily applied to any type of shoe material. Most shoes can be cotton/canvas, leather, or synthetic materials like vinyl. Posca pens are available for all types of shoes.

This article will answer some of the related questions you may have about using the Posca pen on shoes. I’ll show you examples of painted shoes and a link to my article on how to clean Posca paint pens.

You should check out my articles on Posca paint pen topics if you’ve never tried them. Each tab will open in a different tab so you don’t lose your place in the article.

How to Remove Posca Markers from Shoes

This is for those times when you make a mistake or need to clean them up. For leather, synthetic or canvas shoes, you will have to refer either to the Fabrics sections or to the Cotton sections.

What Posca pen colors are available? This will allow you to determine shoe customization options.

Prices and places to buy the Posca pen. Buy them in advance so you can get started right away

To inspire you, here are some Posca pen art ideas

Are Posca pens alcohol-based?

It is not a good idea to wear stale shoes.

Posca pens can be used on the stylo shoes.

Posca pens can be used on any type of shoe. Poscas can work on 99% of all shoes, whether leather/suede or another synthetic material like vinyl, which is a plastic, and then canvas/cotton.

Are Posca pens permanent on shoes?

Posca pens can be permanently applied to shoes. As I will explain below, they would benefit from being waterproofed or sealed. A spray that protects many shoes will be worth the extra cost.

EvanTubeHD – How To Paint Your Shoes With Posca Pens

Evan shows you how to paint a pair of white canvas Vans with Posca markers in the video.

It seems to follow the same process I described earlier, but it doesn’t seem to apply a protective layer afterwards, which you should.

YouTube has many videos that show how to draw canvas shoes, leather shoes, and synthetic shoes.

Josh from KwikDraw 35 customizes a pair of black leather Nike Airforce 3 cms.

Josh discusses the difficulties of customizing black leather shoes using Posca paint pens, but I think it’s still easier than customizing white canvas shoes like Vans.

Posca Pens Are Waterproof

Posca pens are waterproof when dry, but can become brittle or brittle if wet. It’s not the paint that’s the problem, it’s the material you used to paint them. This could cause the Posca paint to peel.

You can solve this problem by sealing or waterproofing the paint. I will go into more detail below.

Posca Pens Can Be Washed Out Of Shoes

Posca pens are generally indestructible once dry. The shoes, however, will show some wear due to being painted with Posca pens.

If you plan to wear your shoes every day, it’s a good idea to seal the Posca pen on the shoes. Water and dirt can discolor or crack the paint.

You will need to seal the Posca board.

Angelus paint with an acrylic finish is a better option if you plan to wear the shoes for a long time. Some people have reported that Posca can react to acrylic finishes. However, I haven’t seen it personally.

Use an acrylic finisher to paint your shoes. This will reduce the chance of problems. Below are links to some of these products.

To speed up the paint drying process, do not use a heat gun. This can cause the paint to crack and strip the paint of its binder. Air dry your shoes and paint. It takes about an overnight process.

You can use the waiting time to create new paper models for your next pair of shoes.

How to Seal Posca Pen Shoes

You’ll need to weather the weather or seal your shoe’s new customizations with one of the many products you can purchase online.

The Best Stylo Shoes