You are currently viewing The internet celebrity script for a few dollars sold online is really a popular secret for top streamers?
The internet celebrity script for a few dollars sold online is really a popular secret for top streamers

The internet celebrity script for a few dollars sold online is really a popular secret for top streamers?

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Some people say that the current status of the Internet celebrity industry is that talented people come out from generation to generation, each leading the way for “a few days.” Indeed, even the top Internet celebrities in the industry don’t know when they will overturn; at the same time, a large number of people who look forward to making money in the Internet celebrity industry have sharpened their heads and desperately squeezed into the industry.

Fierce competition has resulted in faster and faster iterations of Internet celebrities, anchors, and short video experts. Some people believe that even amateurs can become e-commerce anchors and Internet celebrities after only a few days of live broadcast training courses.

However, some netizens recently revealed to Understand Notes that now it seems that there is a simpler and more efficient way to become an anchor and a master: there is no need to go to live broadcasts, Internet celebrities, and other related training courses, just buy a set of live broadcasts, short videos, and online sales. Scripts can be quickly developed by learning and imitating.

So, is there really such a “simple” thing in the world?

You can buy online celebrity live broadcasts and short video scripts for a few yuan

According to Tribune South Africa the clues provided by netizens, understand the notes and search for keywords such as “live script” and “short video script” on Taobao and Xianyu, and indeed found many related business and product links. The so-called planning “scripts” are also not expensive, ranging from a few yuan to a dozen yuan.

As you can see in the product screenshots released by the merchants, among the titles of the scripts sold, there are many Internet celebrity names such as Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya, Simba, and Classmate Zhou. The content covers industries such as shoes, clothing, bags, beauty products, and snacks. It is known as “The content is full of dry goods and skills, and newcomers will know it when they see it.”

In order to find out and know how to take notes, I contacted several merchants selling scripts on the grounds of learning the skills of live broadcast and a short video. When communicating, almost all merchants directly guarantee that the script content and skills sold by themselves are from real top-flow Internet celebrities.

One merchant even boasted that the scripts sold by himself are very popular, and dozens of sales are sold every day. “It is definitely not a popular script. It contains unique skills and experience, which can be used as a reference for new anchors.”

In the product evaluation of the merchant, you can also see a lot of good reviews. The buyers praised these scripts so that they learned the skills of live broadcast planning. The only shocking thing is that the script’s details page is marked with this sentence: Once sold, it will not be returned.

In this regard, the merchant’s explanation is: the reason for “no return” is not because of lack of confidence in their own scripts, because the scripts are shipped from a network disk, and they are afraid that peers will maliciously refund after downloading the scripts, and then resell them for profit at a low price.

“Don’t worry, you can’t buy it for a few dollars and lose money, and you can’t be fooled. The value is guaranteed!”

Under the repeated guarantees of the merchant, I understood the notes and took a set of scripts for five yuan, and downloaded it through the online disk link provided by the merchant.

After decompressing the package, you can indeed see hundreds of live broadcasts and short video scripts. It is not difficult to see that the content of the script is quite rich: from the design of the warm-up session, the required “passageway”, to the interaction, topic, and comment on the navy, the details are almost all available.

In addition to the overall process planning, the script even has the words and skills of transformation and forced order. In some live broadcast sales scripts, even the time nodes of the products on the shelves and the links are clearly indicated.

As for the short video script, it gave a certain description of the detailed actions and expressions of the actors during the shooting. And in a shooting script marked “Student Zhang”, I understand the notes and even saw that the length of the shot has been planned to the second.

It can be said that according to the content scripts sold by the merchants, most users can already directly shoot a short video in the style of “Student Zhang”, or even make a live broadcast of Li Jiaqi and Simba. From this point of view, the “Script Daquan” can be a reference material for newcomers and enterprise self-built live (short video) content teams.

It’s just that newcomer influencers or e-commerce companies, what can they learn from these online sales scripts?

“Traffic Password” hidden in the script

“Don’t tell me, I really bought this kind of live broadcast script.”

Xu Ying (pseudonym) is an online celebrity contracted by an underwear factory (live broadcast team) in Nanhai, Foshan. When talking about the scripts of live broadcasts and short videos sold online, she was a little embarrassed to reveal that there are many Internet celebrities and new anchors around her, who have purchased similar scripts.

Especially whenever there are internet celebrities like Zhang and Ding Zhen that have become popular quickly, small internet celebrities and waist anchors will actively and actively look for relevant scripts on the e-commerce platform, hoping to find the quickly popular ones from the scripts they have purchased.” Traffic password”.

“Sometimes, some Internet celebrities become popular very quickly. For example, the student Zhang has gained tens of millions of followers in two months.” Xu Ying said frankly if they cannot grasp the “traffic password” from the purchased Internet celebrity scripts, they It will first rub a wave of traffic in the mode of imitation and remake.

After all, instead of spending a lot of money on an online celebrity training class and learning some practical skills from the same unknown instructors that are not necessary for actual combat, it is better to spend a few yuan or tens of yuan and buy some cheap materials from the Internet. Learn while imitating.

In her opinion, if you unlock the internet celebrity’s “traffic password” while imitating, and succeed in rubbing a wave of traffic, you will be an instant hit, you can completely change the career and “destiny” of the young internet celebrities and anchors. “Frankly speaking, all newcomers have similar visions.”

Of course, in addition to the “boutique script” Xu Ying thinks may hide the “traffic password”, in her work, she often receives a large number of so-called top-stream anchors’ selling skills from top to bottom. “The boss usually I often send similar scripts to me and other Internet celebrities in the factory, and I don’t know where to buy them.”

She believes that, in contrast, the “learning materials” sent by the boss seem to be more targeted. They are all the “internal materials” and “top secret files” of the top e-commerce anchors on sales conversion. I hope that the team’s anchors can Learn from experience and skills to increase the conversion rate of live broadcasts.

In addition, the boss of the factory will also send some so-called “out of print” planning guides to the live broadcast planning team, so that colleagues can learn from them to improve the team’s live broadcast planning ability. A lot of money, so I blindly went online to buy some wild materials for us to learn.”

It can be seen that there will be a market when there is demand. Under the demand for “traffic passwords” that are rapidly gaining popularity among waist influencers, and the need for cheap and quick “learning materials” after some factories and companies build their own content teams, the business of online sales of top-stream live broadcasts and short video scripts should also happen. Born.

Seeing this, I believe everyone will have similar questions: Since the details of the scripts sold by the merchants are so detailed, and they are favored by newcomers and companies, does it mean that the scripts bought are all planned by professional organizations and well-known anchor teams And produced?

Crash success = “IQ tax”?

“Where did you find this thing (script)? You are so talented!”

News Websites in South Africa said: Understand Notes sent the live broadcast and short video scripts purchased online to Zhang Chi, a senior industry insider who is engaged in live broadcast planning at an MCN in Tianhe, Guangzhou, and hopes that the other party will “take the pulse”. He laughed from ear to ear when he saw it, and curiously asked the source of these online shopping scripts.

After learning that he was buying from an e-commerce seller, Zhang Chi seemed to realize it. He said that if an outsider looks at the online shopping script, he will think that the details are well planned, but those in the industry will feel that the content is rough at first glance.