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Things to Know About PTE Writing Module

Things to Know About PTE Writing Module

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Pearson Test of English has become of the most preferred English language proficiency tests for students seeing higher education in Australia. In fact, students have started preferring PTE to IELTS lately. This is the reason there has been a spike in the number of PTE coaching institutes across Australia. Lately, PTE online practice and online coaching have become the preferred mode of PTE coaching.

Just like any other English language proficiency test, PTE also tests the candidate on four different fronts – reading, writing, speaking and listening – known as the modules in the test. While there are tips & tricks that PTE coaching institutes teach the students for different modules, we herein discuss PTE ‘Writing’ module today. Here are a few PTE tips and tricks that one must consider in order to score well in the PTE writing module. These points can prove to be helpful in writing essays and even summarizing written texts when attempting the writing module in PTE.

Learn the Computer Keyboard

PTE is a computer-based test and the candidate needs to attempt all the modules primarily using a keyboard. Therefore, we reiterate the importance of good typing speed to all the PTE students. A decent typing speed will make it easier for the candidate to glide through the writing module. Having a typing speed of up to 40 words per minute should be enough. In addition to the speed, the candidate must also learn to type accurately. Try to minimize the use of ‘Backspace’ key and focus more on typing correctly at a decent speed.

Have a Good Vocabulary

A decent vocabulary always comes in handy and can certainly help score higher in the PTE exam’s writing module. Learning a new set of words every day and using them in everyday life can do wonders in a very short time. Using different words provides diversity and grip to the write-up, thereby keeping the reader engrossed.

Learn new words and use them in everyday scenarios wherever and whenever possible.

Learn to Use Synonyms

Synonyms are a great way to explain using variety. Had there been no synonyms, it would have been nearly impossible to explain different words. Using synonyms can help score higher in the PTE writing module, as they can help write more expressively and elaborately.

One of the approaches to learning synonyms is to choose a set of 5-10 words on a daily basis and learn their synonyms. Once a certain level is reached, it becomes easier to explain and elaborate sentences.

Be Creative

A right mix of vocabulary with skills to elaborate and express different situations can help score well in the writing module of PTE exam. Most of the PTE coaching institutes provide tips & tricks to be more creative by using pauses, punctuations, synonyms, etc. There is always a new way to express things!

Keep it Simple

Keeping things simple and more understandable will help a great deal. Do not reiterate or reinforce the same information in different parts of the write-up. Use simple, yet powerful words to attempt the writing module of PTE.

Keeping the aforementioned points into consideration can help the candidates score well in the writing module of the PTE exam.

For tips on how to get good results in other modules of PTE, please feel free to get in touch with us.