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Thins to do in Dubai for the adventure

Thins to do in Dubai for the adventure

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Camping is one of the most exciting and exciting activities for you to meet your friends and family with a great fire. Have you ever tried to camp in the desert? New! The level of entertainment goes up if you plan to go to a desert camp in the UAE.

Fujairah, Bedouin camps, white sand beaches, sand dunes numerous lakes, and Arabian deserts are ideal places to pitch tents. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the best places to visit as their lavish lifestyle is a tourist attraction.

Desert Camp Dubai offers a variety of recreational activities such as dune kicking, four-way cycling, sand-climbing, camel riding, and more. However, you need to know safety tips, top sites, health guides, and more to make your trip more fun and memorable.

Take a moment to learn more about camping in the desert and see below; Let’s get dressed!

Excellent campground directions
The camping site should not be in a canyon or sloping area, and tents should not be pitched.
Cooking stations and wood-burning stoves should be kept away from tents, fuel tanks, fuel tanks and electric poles.
It is also recommended to pitch tents away from the water level.
Camping enthusiasts are advised to avoid contaminated areas infested with insects. If you want to avoid the humid air inside the tent, set up a tent on a flat surface with no stones or holes.

Camping equipment is an important part of your care. Bring your camp, sheets, pillows, mattress and sleeping bag without interruption to you. If you are planning a barbecue, bring foil, a roast set, a stove, firewood, and a tea kettle. Do not forget to bring insect repellent, fire, coal, and other batteries.

Bring plastic bags to the trash or take out all the trash and make sure your campsite is clean. Also, bring a tissue and a handkerchief, a shovel and a map for direct guidance.

Keep the first aid kit ready in case of an emergency. There should be disinfectant or disinfectants, tweezers and rubber gloves and painkillers to remove splinters should be included in the kit.

Tips and Tricks
Make sure you have plenty of garbage bags. Bags also help you to manage your belongings after you use them.
Although deserts are called tropical areas, you should carry thick clothing as the nights are cold in the desert camp of Dubai.
Cover your feet when camping as there are different types of insects and scorpions in the sand and mud.
Bring your own safety equipment, water bottle, extra shoes, clothing and flashlight.
Cooking with fire is not good. Do not bury your sauce after cooking. People can shoot themselves by stepping on the sand or sitting down.
No matter how you get it, always keep your camping site clean.
Hunting wildlife is illegal and criminal.
Why hire a travel agency?
Agencies also offer delicious safari packages that often include morning safaris, late night safari and desert safaris. They offer many other packages at affordable prices, including the Dubai Desert Safari Tour.

The advantage is that they are responsible for everything you need. They provide guidelines and what to do on their site and are responsible for all aspects. They will also take care of your safety, your entertainment, and your happiness. They make sure you enjoy it to the full and try to make your experience memorable. Drivers pick up and drop off guests at their hotels on time. Your chance is powerless.

You can also go on a private trip or safari with them for VIP treatment. An added bonus is that you can save money, as it can be very expensive if you manage everything yourself. The good thing about planning your camp is that you have a lot of time, you can do anything without limits or time limits. So now the choice is yours!

Come on in!
I hope you have found all the information you need to camp in the desert. Choosing a location is entirely up to you, but it is very important to follow the tips, safety precautions, tips and guidelines. Camping is the best part of any trip, so do not miss this opportunity on your trip to the UAE. Make this activity memorable with your family or friends. If you have any ideas please comment below.