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Tips To Create Instagram Story Ads In 2021

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Instagram, the social media platform, holds millions of users together in a single medium. Rather than spending millions on any advertising process, it’s better to go for Instagram. After the update of the Instagram story, the interest of Instagrammers increased enormously, which became quite beneficial for entertainment and professional purposes. 

In lieu of this, the marketers also opted for a smarter approach by advertising their brand through Instagram Story. But, beginners might be in the dilemma of how to design their ads on the medium. So, here we are discussing today the tips to create the top and most trendy Instagram Story Ads in 2021. 

Creativity Speed: 

Instagram stories take less than 30 seconds to disappear once opened, so marketers should have the speed of delivering the message to their viewers. The aim or the message you are willing to spread should be creative enough to spread the news within these seconds. In short, create small ads with a proper conclusion to make the ad look appropriate. 

Multiple Scenes: 

Try to add multiple scenes in your Instagram ads to make them look interesting and eye-catching for the viewers. The ads should be relevant. Also, the scene should be connected to the actual content of the ad. Adding irrelevant scenes can make your ad look spam, and you may end up getting negative responses. Adding effective scenes will showcase more complexity and grab users’ attention on their profiles.

Story Ad Specifications:

The ad size matters. To avoid your ad getting cropped or cringe, try to create and design them as per their specifications. Whether it’s a video or an image, the size should be appropriate.

So, we hope our readers understand how to design the best Instagram story ads for your brand, and we also showcased some of the top 03 examples to understand them better.