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Top 10 Winter Destination in the World

Top 10 Winter Destination in the World

Planning for your next winter getaway?

The beginning of the winter season marks the warmth of happiness and love. Also, there are some people who like to gaze outside the window and enjoy a cup of coffee whereas there are some people who just like to discover the world. Moreover, festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas are also celebrated during the winter season. Also, many countries and cities are decorated like the winter wonderland where just by seeing the decorations the smile comes automatically into everyone’s face. As well as winter season offers plenty of outdoor winter activities. It’s a perfect time to book cheap flights for your winter destination.

          1.  Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi is the heartbeat of Lapland and is also the official hometown of Santa Claus. Therefore, Rovaniemi is one of the greenest destinations in Lapland, surrounded by arctic nature. It’s not just an ideal destination for those who enjoy urban getaways. For Nature enthusiasts, this destination is perfect to visit. Rovaniemi is the perfect spot to experience Lappish culture, the Christmas season, a relaxing nature, and a variety of options for outdoor adventures. Almost every visitor in Lappis must try a ride in reindeer sleighs like Santa Claus. Meanwhile, the most obvious spot for taking reindeer rides in sleighs is at the Santa Claus village.

          2.  Santiago, Chile

Santiago is a major cultural, historical, economic hub and the perfect destination to begin your Chile journey. It is one of the ideal destinations in the world for downhill skiing. Many skiers and snowboarders prefer to remain in Santiago in order to pack their equipment to hit the slopes in one of the many ski resorts in the vicinity. Moreover, the peak season in this city starts between September to November when this city attracts lots of tourists and the off-season in the city starts between June to August when you can find cheap flights to Santiago, Chile. Therefore, just a few minutes drive away from the city, you’ll find the most modern winter resort, such as Portillo or Valle Nevado. Santiago provides a huge range of winter sports for ski enthusiasts, making it the ideal winter destination.

          3.  Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia is one of the rapidly growing tourist destinations and most sought-after destination among travelers. At present, Patagonia provides tourists with many thrilling activities. Here, you’ll discover some unexplored and untouched destinations during your trip. If you want to experience the South American winters, then Patagonia is an ideal place for it. It is a great destination to sport your puffy jackets and beanies. If you’re a wildlife watcher, then winter travelers of the Patagonia region have the chance to observe wildlife in the area. Also, you can plan your journey to this destination by booking cheap flights with the lowest flight fare. It is possible to see pumas, king penguins, foxes, or even the majestic condors flying over the horizon!

          4.  Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, has stunning views of rocky mountains surrounded by white snow. It also offers a variety of winter activities. It is among the most beautiful and intriguing places to visit in the USA during winters and several airlines operate their services at a cheap cost. The most effective way to experience Boulder is on foot. The most popular activities you can do when within Boulder, Colorado, are shopping at the Pearl

Street Mall, located in downtown Boulder. It is great to Take a stroll through the University of Colorado Boulder’s college campus or ski at the Eldora M

          5.  New York

New York City is the most well-known center for performers, artists, musicians, fashionistas, and people who are open to new ideas. Still, New York offers a chance for globetrotters to travel through the world’s most captivating and vibrant cities in the western world. New York is gorgeous year-round; however, New York is a real winter wonderland. The air is mystical in winter when the days get shorter, and you can see the lights of New York shining. New York is a most picture-perfect place during the winters, with its snow-capped towers, bare trees, and twinkling lights reflecting on white snow.

          6.  Seattle

Seattle is a city with a seaport on the west coast. However, It’s the biggest metropolis in Washington DC, surrounded by mountains, water and hedge forests. The surrounding area of the town is a lush green landscape all year long, even during winter. The city is where you can find some of the best coffee cultures in the nation and a vibrant art scene. If you’re heading to Seattle, you’re in the Emerald City and not up for long-distance outdoor pursuits. If that’s the case, Seattle still offers plenty to see and do, such as seashores, mountains, rainforests, wilderness, islands, cities, and even an active volcano.

          7. Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska’s gateway to the Arctic region, is also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. Fairbanks has offered plenty of outdoor activities to travellers; from visiting the Alaska Pipeline Viewing point to Riding Dog sledge available at local kennels, you can indulge in a lot of winter activities here.. Fairbanks has its brewery, distillery, and restaurant. The city is only a 30-minute drive from Santa’s residence at the North Pole.

          8.  Washington DC

If you’re searching for an excellent destination for a US trip in winter, then, I’d recommend Washington DC. When it’s winter, there are many interesting activities to explore in Arlington and the downtown city centre. Winter turns this city into an enchanting wonderland during the holiday season. One of the most popular winter activities is the skating rinks that dot the city completely.

          9.  Keystone

If you’re seeking an enjoyable and affordable winter getaway to the United States then Keystone is a great place to visit. The ski resort is only a short drive from Denver and will take you to the Winter Wonderland! You’ll find great lodging at a fair cost, as well as cheap dining options. The trip to Keystone is the ideal location for snowboarding or skiing as there are ski trails for all levels to experience, from beginners to experts. There are numerous resorts located within walking distance from Keystone with fairly affordable rates, particularly during March.

          10.  Chicago

Every winter trip to Chicago should include ice skating in Millennium Park. Millennium Park ice rink is a great place, where you can admire the city’s skyline as well as freezing Lake Michigan. You can find discounts and rates on accommodation and transportation in winter, and this is when Chicago is the least crowded.


It is one of the coldest times for travelling, and many parts of the world are covered with slushy snow. There are other winter destinations in the world untouched and unexplored by people. You just have to expand your vision, get some tools, and be ready for an adventurous journey with friends.