Top 5 Summer Bedroom Tips to Stay Cool

The onset of summer welcomes us with sweltering days and nights. While we look forward to the end of bitter cold days and eagerly await summers; the high temperatures do tend to throw our daily activities off-track. Sleeping, for instance, can become an issue when the temperature rise becomes unbearable. If your city has regular power cuts, it will only add to your woes. It is anyway not advisable to have the AC on all day and night, so what does one do.

Here we list down easy ways to keep your bedrooms cool during the scorching summer months. Stop tossing and turning those hot nights away and do something about it.

Keep It Light or White

Just like we avoid dark clothes during summer as they absorb heat, we should avoid dark bed linen. Try and go for bed sheets and bed covers that are light coloured or in shades of white. Don’t opt for synthetic materials, use cotton and other natural materials that are breathable.

Upgrade Your Mattress to A Cooling One

Despite all your efforts, you may still realise that you aren’t able to feel cool while sleeping. Your mattress could be the root cause for this. Check a nice cooling double or single mattress online.  Brands such as Sleepwell’s have mattresses made of inventive foam that not only offers a luxurious feel, but improves airflow. The heat dissipation gets rid of humidity and one can sleep well despite boiling temperatures

New-Age Cool Technology Smart Cushions

With an advancement in technology, there are a range of cushions and sheets that are directed at keeping the body cool during summer. Temperature reactive gel in the cushions and pillows absorb excess heat, taking it away from the body and cooling the skin. Cool gel S particles in Sleepwell cushions are created in a manner to release heat and provide a comfortable and cool feel.    

Switch Off the Bedroom Lights

Light bulbs give out heat; keep them off and your room will automatically drop a few degrees. Avoid any extra light or any sort of electric equipment that generates heat. Not only will your room become cooler, you may save on your electricity bill.

Introduce Nature in The Bedroom

Plants are increasingly becoming popular in homes. Not only do they beautify the rooms, they also help cool it down. Now you have one more reason to add to your green collection. Indoor plants consume hot air, and release excess water from their leaves when it gets too hot. Ideal bedroom plants are Chinese evergreens, rubber plants, palms, snake plants and Ficus.

Cool The Bedding

There are a few cooling bedroom hacks that can improve one’s slumber. Fill a hot water bottle and keep it in the freezer; take it with you to sleep. If you are unable to get your hands on a cooling pillow, put a pillow case in the fridge and put it on your pillow right before sleeping. Similarly, you can place a bed sheet in the freezer. Don’t do this directly, keep it in a zip lock and in the freezer a few hours before you intend to sleep. You can lay this perfectly chilled sheet on your bed and get a good night’s sleep.

These simple hacks are bound to get rid of heat induced restlessness and discomfort, allowing you to cool down and sleep like a baby.