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Totolink wireless range extender setup by web browser

Totolink wireless range extender setup by web browser

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In large areas, there is always an issue of slow internet connectivity or poor internet connection. If your traditional router is not so strong to offer a wide range. Then in this case by installing a totolink wireless range extender between your room to router. Can easily extend the network zone of your wireless router. This is an multi-functioned as well as one of the advanced gadgets. It will come with dual band frequencies of 2.4ghz and 5ghz. The configuration process of the extender is also easy by using the WPS button you can easily configure your extender with the wireless router. The MU-MIMO technology and 4 gigabit ethernet ports allow more wide range by enhancing the network area of your house. 

If you want to configure the extender using a web browser. You must access the admin login portal by accessing the administration panel. The range extender has 4 external antennas that only need 10% of signal to transmit it over a wide area. It covers all the weak spots and dead zones. The wireless router provides a high speed connection but the range is not so enough. To enjoy the unlimited joy of live streaming, play online games you can use this brilliant totolink extender. It fulfills all the internet requirements, So here are some simple steps to configure your wireless extender. 

Totolink wireless range extender WPS setup

The totolink extender setup is an easy process just by using a single (WPS) button you can easily configure your wireless extender. But be sure that your router supports the WPS function. If your router is not supported to connect with the router you can use the online web browser method. Here are some simple steps to configure using WPS

  • Place your extender near the wireless router and power it on.
  • At the back side of your totolink wireless range extender a small button is available simply press the WPS button and wait.
  • Using the same manner, press the WPS button of your wireless router. Be sure the time gap between pressing the button is not more than 2 minutes. Otherwise the connection will not be established.

In this way by using the WPS button you can easily configure your wireless extender with the router. Be sure that your both devices are in the range of each other. Otherwise poor connection will fail. 

Configuration using web browser

The online configuration involves many steps. It may be confusing for new users. In order to configure your wireless extender using a web browser, You must connect your device with the extender network and access the login portal. Follow the given steps : 

  • Simply power ON your device by plugging the power adaptor into a working electric outlet. (Don’t  forget to switch the button “ON”
  • Take an ethernet cable and connect one end with your computer ethernet port and other to the wireless router ethernet port.
  • Open any web browser in your same device in which you connected the cable.
  • In the URL box type the default IP Address or totolink wireless range extender. Search for it.
  • You will redirect to the administration login portal of your extender. Enter the login details to access the admin settings. 

NOTE – The login details are written on the device manual. Read it carefully to make a login.

  • After login you can make changes and configure easily. Follow all the on screen instructions that are given on the setup wizard page. 

In this way you can easily configure your wireless extender using a web browser. We recommend you to change the default admin login username or password.