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Twin Flame Love

Twin Flame Love: Stages & Signs Finding Your Mirror Soul Partner

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Are you looking for your twin flame? Or maybe you already found yours? Let’s clarify what a twin flame is and what it means.

You’ve no doubt heard of the concept of soulmates, and you may have even dreamed of finding your own. However, you may have also rejected the concept, thinking that it is an unlikely fantasy and settling for a relationship that just feels comfortable.

The reality is that not only do soulmates exist, but it is possible to form even deeper connections.

While twin flame relationships remain difficult and don’t always last forever, they represent a significant opportunity for happiness and growth.

So what exactly is twin flame love? How do you know if you have met your mirror soul mate?

In this article, we will explain and describe the most common signs that you have that bond with someone in your life.

Next, we will explore the seven different twin flame phases that you are likely to experience in a twin flame relationship. Also, think about what these phases will mean for you and your partner.

What Is A Twin Flame?

Sometimes discussed in terms of a “mirror soul” or “soul connection”, a twin flame is the other half of your soul. It is theorized that a soul can split in two after ascending to a high frequency.

Then the soul lands in two different bodies.

When comparing a twin flame to a soulmate, it is important to note that a soulmate is someone who is made of the same type of energy as you, but has never existed in fusion with you.

So while soulmate connections are very important, knowing a twin flame is on another level altogether. Usually this leads to romance. However, it can also manifest itself in the form of intense friendship.

What Are The Most Common Twin Flame Signs & Symptoms?

Now you understand what it means to have a twin flame and how that connection can change your life.

But how do you know when your twin flame crosses your path?

In particular, how do you know that you have met not only someone you are attracted to, but someone whose destiny is inextricably linked to yours? Turns out there are seven main twin flame signs, some or all of them you notice when you meet someone whose soul mirrors your own.

We will explain each sign and give some examples of how they can manifest in your life.

You Both Feel An Intuitive Soul Connection

When you meet your twin flame, you develop a deep and almost immediate understanding of their inner life.

You can feel what they might be thinking, feeling, or even doing when the two of you are apart. And this intuitive connection is reciprocal, so it will be easy for your Twin Flame to access this information about you, too. Consequently, you will have an exciting sense of being known and understood.

While you may have experienced this type of bonding with other people, it is generally something you enjoy after many years with someone. However, when you meet a twin flame, this understanding comes fully formed and almost effortless. This is often the first sign that people notice, sometimes even within hours of the encounter.

You Both Share The Same Interests

The importance of hobbies in a long-term relationship cannot be overemphasized. Without common interests, a connection can quickly lose its spark. Fortunately, this is next to impossible when you meet your twin flame as they fit in with your hobbies almost perfectly. For example, you probably enjoy the same kinds of books, share your favorite foods, and maybe even like the same movies growing up.

More importantly, her values match those of her 1001 angel number twin flame. You probably want to cultivate the same kind of life and share a set of obligations. For example, both may value honesty above all else, or of course, both may have the same work-life balance.

You Both Have The Same Thoughts And Feelings

As noted above, twin flames easily pick up on each other’s thoughts and feelings. However, they also usually have many of the same reactions at the same time – even when they’re not together!

When you are reunited and catching up with your days, you will find strange moments with signs of synchronicity. For example, maybe your twin flame felt inexplicably sad in the middle of the afternoon, and this was when you had recurring thoughts about how much you miss an older relative.

When you are in the company of your 1313 angel number twin flame, this mirrored mental life is almost eerie. You might even make the same observations or start telling the same joke at the same time.