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Two Amazing Student Accommodation Properties in Leicester

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International students’ visit to Leicester is not a new thing. Every year, the universities in Leicester receive a number of applications from overseas students for admission. In the year 2022 also, a lot of applications had been received by the universities and this process will continue in the coming years also for sure.
When students get enrolled in any of the two universities in the city, the University of Leicester and De Montfort University, the first thing they need is a place for student accommodation in Leicester. Leicester has a mammoth experience in hosting international students, so there is no shortage of places for accommodation in the city.
You can see a long list of places for accommodation in Leicester on the websites of student accommodation service providers. We have chosen two popular students’ properties from those websites, about which you will read below.
These two places for accommodation are Newarke Point and St Martins House Leicester. Let’s have a look at some of the features of these two places for accommodation.

Newarke Point

Newarke Point is close to one of the most culturally diverse locations in the city. It is strategically placed at this location. Besides, De Montfort University is just within 5-minutes’ walking distance from here. The University of Leicester can be reached within 18 minutes on foot but the better option is to go via drive through which you will reach the university within 9 minutes.
Here are some major features of Newarke Point Leicester, which will help you in understanding this property perfectly.

(a) Types of Accommodations

Newarke Point offers studios and ensuite rooms to students, both of which are among the most popular types of accommodations in the United Kingdom in the present scenario. Both these types have two subcategories.
The categories of studios include Classic Studio and Premium Range 1 Ensuite. Similarly, ensuite rooms have been categorized into Classic Ensuite and Premium Range 1 Ensuite.

(b) Study Features

For the studies of students, study desks and chairs have been provided in all the units. A study room is also available to do the studies without any disturbance.

(c) Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Students can connect the internet to tablets, laptops, and smartphones through the Wi-Fi internet connection available in every unit. So, they can perform their study-related tasks, communicate with others, get entertainment, and do a lot more through the internet.

(d) Some Other Features

Many other facilities are provided to students at this property such as car parking, bicycle storage, recycling, laundry, vending machine, outdoor area, common area, printing machine, on-site maintenance, wardrobe, under-bed storage, dining features, and more. A support team is also available here for your fitness.

(e) Security Features

A 24/7 security team is available here for the safety of students and their belongings. CCTV cameras are also installed to detect unwanted activities. A secure door entry is also provided to students. Contents insurance is also offered to the residents to compensate for any type of loss of assets.

St Martins House

St Martins House Leicester is also a wonderful place to stay for international students. Here are some of the features of this place.

I. Types of Accommodations

It also offers studios and ensuite rooms to students. In studios, you get a Premium Range 1 Studio. The ensuite room includes a Classic Ensuite.

II. Major Features inside Accommodations

Here also, students get the study tables and chairs inside all the units. A Wi-Fi internet connection is also available here. Therefore, residents can connect the internet to their gadgets and complete their projects/assignments, attend lectures & video tutorials online, communicate with others, do entertainment, do online shopping, get involved in social media, and can accomplish many other tasks.
Moreover, there is a wardrobe for keeping the clothes systematically. There is also an iron with an ironing board for getting up-to-date clothes. The vacuum cleaner is available for cleaning the rooms. Excellent dining features are also available such as a cooking hob, microwave, oven, and fridge.

III. Facilities in Property Complex

Onsite maintenance, bicycle storage, common area, laundry, car parking, recycling, etc. are some facilities available in the complex. The support staff is also available the assistance of students.

IV. Security Features

Here also, a 24/7 security staff and CCTV cameras are available for security purposes. A secure door entry is also provided to residents. Contents insurance can be acquired here also for compensation for the loss of any asset.

To Sum Up

Both Newarke Point and St Martins House are the ideal places for accommodation in Leicester where students can spend a comfortable life during their years of study in this city. You can book accommodation at these places easily on the websites of student accommodation service providers.