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Updated Yet Here Are a Few macOS Monterey Tips and Tricks

Updated Yet? Here Are a Few macOS Monterey Tips and Tricks

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The macOS Monterey update brings with it some great features on Macs. Like Shortcuts, Notification Summary, Hide My Email and lots more. The current macOS Monterey update has been pushed for compatible Macs. There is so much that Apple has packed into the macOS Monterey update that there are chances many of us have missed a lot of features. However, here are some macOS Monetary tips and tricks that’ll help you make the most out of your operating system.

  • Mouse Pointer Colour

Did you know that now you can change the colour of the mouse pointer in macOS Monterey? Also, you can change the pointer as well as the filler colour to any combination you like. Head to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display. Head to the Pointer Outline Colour or the Pointer Fill Colour options and change the colour using the hue chart that’ll appear.

  • Check Your Network Quality

With macOS Monterey, you can check your WiFi’s upload and download speeds via Terminal. Open the Terminal window and type network Quality into the command prompt. You’ll get a measurement of your data speeds.

  • AirPlay To Mac

AirPlay is Apple’s way of using another device to broadcast content from another device. You can use your Mac to cast audio or video files from the iPhone or iPad. If you wish to hear songs through your Mac’s speakers while using the iPhone, press the AirPlay logo and select the name of your Mac from the list. However, AirPlay only works on MacBook Air 2018 and later, MacBook Pro 2018 and later, iMac 2019 and later, M1 Mac mini, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro 2019.

  • Safari Tab Groups

One of the best and most notable features of macOS Monterey is Safari Tab Groups. You can curate a group of frequently used tabs for various activities in the latest macOS update. To create a Tab Group, bring up the Sidebar menu > New Tab Group. Or you can open multiple tabs at once that you need to group > open the Sidebar > New Tab Group With X Tabs.

  • Save Photos From Messages

With the latest macOS Monterey update, you have the option to save photos to your iCloud Photo Library directly from the Messages app. Once you’ve received a picture via iMessage, click the download button next to the image and choose Save.

  • Privacy Settings In Mail Activity

Apple has increased the level of privacy settings on all of their latest operating systems including macOS Monterey. If you are on the latest version of macOS, you can protect your Mail activity with Apple’s in-built settings. Head to the Mail app, once the app is running, click the Mail option in the menu bar for a drop down menu > Click Preferences. Under the Privacy Tab, click Protect Mail Activity. Once the setting is enabled, your Mail activity will be protected and Apple’s operating system will hide your IP address from senders and they will not be able to follow your Mail activity.

  • Erase All Content and Settings

Unlike the iPhone and iPad, the Mac never had an erase all content and settings option. You’d have to restart the Mac in recovery mode and select to reinstall macOS. However, the latest macOS Monterey update, Intel-based Macs that have the T2 security chip and the M1 Macs have a new tab menu that can let users delete everything on the Mac. To Erase All Content and Settings click the Apple logo > System Preferences > Once the settings menu opens > Click System Preferences from the Menu Bar > Select Erase All Content and Settings from the drop down menu.

Also, you can blur your background while FaceTiming, add Shortcuts, and create FaceTime links for non-Apple users.