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What Kind Of Printing Technique Is Perfect for Jersey Shirt

What Kind Of Printing Technique Is Perfect for Jersey Shirt?

Jersey shirt is growing in huge popularity among people due to their lightweight and quick sweat absorbing properties. Nowadays, everyone has at least one jersey in his/her wardrobe.

Jersey can easily beat high humidity and heat; therefore, it is a popular choice for people during the hot sweltering summer season.

The stretchable and flexible fabric provides plenty of room for complete movement without any problem. Usually, the custom sublimation printing technology is used for creating the customized jersey. 

Jerseys are not just to indicate which player is from which team, but also display healthy competition and strength between team players.

The jerseys are printed with the name of the team, sportsperson, logo of the team, and many more. You can customize your jersey in a different way and make it look more attractive. We recommend you to choose the right printing method from the below-given choices:

Screen printing

The screen printing method is a technique that helps in transferring the design on the fabric layer with the help of the screen. By following a specific design, the screen is cut out so that the big stencil can be formed.

During the printing process, you have to place the shirt on the pallet. After that, ink is pressed so that a beautiful design can be created.

With the help of silkscreen printing, you can print a huge volume of shirts can be printed. When you place the bulk order, then the cost of printing reduces significantly.

The method of customization is budget-friendly and generally runs at high speed. It means that you can get your jerseys printed on a low budget and before the deadline. Due to the vibrant finishing of the screen-printing technique, you will get the perfect finish of your jerseys.  

Vinyl Printing Technique

In this printing technique, you will get long-lasting results. They offer good quality results and an amazing print design that will not fade or crack. The specialized machine is used to shape and cut the vinyl to transform it into designs.

The main idea is to press the cut-out vinyl onto fabrics and stick over them by using the heat press. With the help of this printing method, you can print slogans of multi-color graphics over the jersey shirt.

The best thing about the vinyl printing technique is that the shapes are individually created. It makes this printing technique perfect for ordering distinct designs.

This printing technique is specifically used for printing the names on the jersey. If you are placing an order in small quantities, then it is the perfect printing technique.

The heat transfer printing technique is perfect for creating sportswear designs. There is one drawback of this printing technique and which is this printing technique operates at a very low speed.

If you are planning to print in large amounts, then you have to place an order in advance.  

Direct-to-garment (DTG)

This printing technique is quite different from the other printing methods which are described above. The Direct-to-garment printing technique constitutes the new printing technology of apparel printing in which ink is directly applied to the fabric.

It is just like a printer and the only difference is that the DTG printer creates a design on fabric rather than a page. With the help of the DTG printing technique, you can print detailed designs with any number of colors.

The design is created horizontally and layered from the base followed by the colored inks to create an amazing design. You can choose no color base so that the ink can directly react with the fabric. This printing technology will help in creating more vintage looks of the design.

With the help of the DTG printing techniques, you can insert maximum details and use any many colors as you want. This method is specifically recommended for small batches. The DTG printing can help in creating various custom printed products.

If you have selected the DTG printing method, then you can ensure a good finish and desired results. Moreover, if you want to go green then you may love this printing method. While printing the design on the fabric, it can be ensured that there will be no wastage.

Sublimation Printing Technique

There is one more amazing technique that can help in making the designs long-lasting as compared to the other printing methods digital sublimation printing.

This printing technique is a sublimation printing method. The process starts with creating the image or design on the sublimation paper. In this printing method, heat-sensitive ink is used that directly converts into gas when heated up.

In simple words, ink is heat compressed on the fabric to create the desired design. With the help of sublimation printing, it is possible to create amazing designs that will not crack, chip, or fade away.

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