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What Makes Box Printing a Powerful Branding Tool for CBD Packaging?

What Makes Box Printing a Powerful Branding Tool for CBD Packaging?

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Modern retail brands cannot effectively survive without repeating favorable customer reviews. If you are a brand that exclusively deals in cannabis products, then your sales ambitions cannot do without solid box printing. Let’s understand the value it holds in gaining increased customer attention.

The importance of brand promotions through custom printing

When was the last time you saw plain brown boxes in demand? Probably a long time back when there were no better alternatives! But times, and customer expectations, have changed. Thanks to technological revolutions in printing and box manufacturing, branded boxes gave businesses a makeover for good.

Enhanced interaction between customers and a result of massive choices, gave buyers increased options for purchases. Cannabidiol, in particular, became legal a short while ago. WHO certified the component as safe for use following certain guidelines? This and many other health benefits of cannabidiol made customers sit up and take a serious interest in it.

Naturally, a lot of new ventures rushed to take advantage of this market gap. So much so that in 2020 the CBD market size surpassed $7.1 billion. It is further expected to grow around 35% between 2021 and 2027. That makes it a hotspot for aspiring and existing sellers.

With such intense dynamics of CBD consumer markets, what can help the brands stand apart? Obviously, all manufacturers try to rigorously market their brand and create a niche brand image. Where so many marketing platforms help to fulfill this objective, the packaging contents truly make a difference.


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Variants in style

How can buyers tell the difference between your CBD boxes from others? It is the way your boxes are printed that creates a distinct outlook on the brand image.

Next, the custom designs come in all sorts of patterns, textures, shades, and effects. This means that you can even have different boxes for every type of CBD item you manufacture and still have them radiate consistent branding.

That is how well-known brands such as Apple market their items. The company logo stays the same while the boxes vary in shapes and sizes for every product kind. All the boxes also complement the baseline brand identity of minimalism. Variation in style creates stronger customer enthusiasm.

Content printing

Why should customers look at your packaging among a pool of other branded boxes? Creative box printing features make it possible.

With better technology, you can design, correct, and scrutinize the box contents before they are printed. It saves ample time and resources than printing every type of box design. Most other forms of marketing are comparatively expensive and don’t offer instant modifications.

Your brand can have complete control over how the fonts look, the color coordinates, and the messaging. All the printing effects can enhance the appeal of the printed content so customers take a better interest in them. It helps to efficiently get the intended marketing messages across.

Reduced workload

During the launch of new CBD ventures, the sellers advertise their brand as much as they can on all available platforms. But the task is tedious and cost-consuming.

Over time, marketers have realized the significance of customized boxes in doing this task with much more convenience. For instance, the packaging boxes are created within a short turnaround time. They are made with specific brand properties and can travel long distances without incurring extra marketing costs.

Moreover, printing in bulk reduces per-unit costs, and using the same asset for branding creates economies of scale, benefiting overall profitability. Custom printed CBD boxes are also more likely to adhere to the laid-out regulations to avoid potential fines.

Stimulate sales growth

Customers who get creatively designed boxes are more prone to reordering. You must have seen ample online unboxing videos. A positive review earns many views and loyal customers. But all this is only possible when the boxes are printed with elegant designs.

Expert box manufacturers advise sellers to craft boxes so they just don’t look different but feel exclusive too. This includes using all the box angles appropriately and not cluttering the content on one particular spot. Other features can include personalized messages and handwritten notes.

CBD boxes are appreciated more when they come in creative shapes. For example, the box opening tabs can instruct on accessing the products and create a fun experience for clients. In some cases, the boxes can also be printed with varied box textures to radiate a premium brand image and so on.

Buyers want to get better value for money. The boxes inadvertently add to the shopping procedures and make them worthy of repeating.

Influence product protection

CBD items are sensitive. Any leakage or damage can cause the contents to react with the box materials and ruin the products’ functionality.

We all know how logistic companies follow the instructions printed on the boxes to handle and store them accordingly. It makes a world of difference to how the shipment reaches customers every single time. No buyer wants to see well-designed boxes containing mutated CBD items.

A good way of ensuring the protection of your products is by mentioning the shipping instruction clearly on the boxes. You can also place labels and stickers stating precautionary measures. Graphics work too to communicate instantly with concerned parties.

Secure CBD deliveries can mean less refunds and less costs involved in replacing products. It also helps to instill trust in the brand and generate a positive brand repute. Protected products make a strong brand statement that translates eventually into enhanced customer loyalty.

All these facets are enough to prompt your brand to start using box printing immediately for marketing, packaging, and saving costs. Friendly color themes, mesmerizing texts, and overall fascinated brand identity is a remedy for better brand promotions that customers just can’t miss! Use your creativity to expand your customer base.


While many sellers look towards digital ads as a way of popularizing their brand image. You can explore the printing side of box designing and benefit from a plethora of packaging and branding opportunities.