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What to do before starting Chemotherapy

What to do before starting Chemotherapy

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, and unfortunately, there are very few ways that cancer can be completely treated in humans. The chances of surviving cancer are, however increasing every single year with the advent of medical technologies and treatment methodologies.

The treatment of cancer depends on the degree of the spread and the stage at which cancer has been identified in a person. The cancer treatment course is decided based on the health and spread of cancer, the cancer treatment course is decided.

The Oncology Hospital in Hyderabad has some of the best specialists who help patients with the treatment of cancer with various techniques, including but not limited to medication, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, etc. Most of the treatment methods complement each other and are done in combination with one another as a means to remove cancer from the body effectively.


Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a disease that attacks the body’s healthy cells, making them cancerous. Cancer cells have a genetic mutation that makes them divide at an enormous and uncontrollable speed. This causes the cells to form a cluster or a mass which can obstruct the regular functioning of the various organs and the supply of blood and oxygen to the body parts.

A cancerous mass of cells is referred to as polyps or tumors. These can start as small clusters of cells and grow big enough to be seen. Surgical removal of tumors or polyps in the only possible measure to control the spread of cancerous cells in human bodies.

Besides the removal of tumors, cancerous cells can still exist at a small, cellular level which can again divide elsewhere and cause cancerous formations. However, it is impossible to determine exactly which location they may start to produce again and cause cancer.

This is why surgery is often coupled with targeted treatments such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy. In these two techniques, doctors use chemicals and radiation to target cancerous cells, inhibit their growth and kill them. In addition, the best oncology hospital in Hyderabad is equipped with the most modern equipment to facilitate these treatments.

Medications help regain immunity and maintain body strength to heal faster from the surgery and the simultaneous treatments to help ward off cancer. These medications can also help with the ongoing treatment by improving the health conditions and assisting with the chemotherapy.


Preparing for Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a technique used by Oncologists to introduce chemicals that are known to kill the cancerous cells in the body. In most cases, chemotherapy is either introduced intravenously or via medication. Either way, the chemical enters the body and helps in inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells. It is a long and extensive process and can be quite frustrating for the patients.

To prepare for chemotherapy, the patient must be aware of their own health and prepare for the battle that lies ahead of them. In most cases, it is mental strength that is more important than physical strength. With positivity and optimism, the body is able to heal and recover much faster.

Patients must retain their health by eating healthy food including plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Protein and fiber help in maintaining healthy body weight and healing. Coupled with relaxing techniques such as yoga, meditation and other forms of recreation can help relieve stress and keep calm.