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What to Do in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (2022 Guide)

What to Do in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (2022 Guide)

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital  is home to the country’s international airport, most visitors arrive in Tashkent and stay for less than 24 hours before going west to Samarkand. Tashkent has its own attractiveness, and it’s well worth spending a few days here to see what life is like outside of the tourist traps. It is a city rich in culture, architecture, history, and amazing food.

While there are a number of luxury hotels in Tashkent, Ramada is the best in my opinion. The rooms, the staff, the food, everything is always simply amazing. The best part is the breakfast spread they have. There’s always so much variety to choose from. 


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Best Things to do in Tashkent

Visit the Chorsu Bazaar

The Chorsu Bazaar is a terrific spot to get a taste of Tashkent’s unique flair! Vendors sell a variety of fresh food products in the bazaar’s sheltered area, which is shaded by the large blue dome. 


An enormous tented market full of fresh fruit, vegetables, honey, and spices can be found behind the large dome. Continue walking toward Ko’kaldosh Madrasasi, passing by little booths offering apparel, fresh bread, jewelry, cosmetics, and other items. There are a few stalls here that sell souvenirs.

Visit the Kukeldash Madrasah (Ko’Kaldosh Madrasasi) 


The Ko’Kaldosh Madrasasi, located just beyond the Chorsu Bazaar is a stunning example of Islamic architecture. To enter the madrasah’s courtyard, one must pay a small charge of 10,000 UZS per person. 

Visit the Amir Temur Square


Amir Temur Square is a lovely spot for a stroll. It’s serene and lovely, and it’s very popular among Uzbek families. The park’s centerpiece is a big statue of him riding a horse.


Due to his conquest of Western, Southern, and Central Asia in the 14th century, Amir Temur has been declared Uzbekistan’s national hero. His name can be found throughout Tashkent, notably the Amir Temur Monument and Square. He is a unifying figure of power and courage in Uzbekistan. In fact, his name and image have taken the place of former landmarks bearing Marx and Lenin’s names.

Watch a Show at the Navoi Theater


A timetable is displayed on the window of the tiny ticket booth outside the theater. Before purchasing tickets, make sure to speak with the ticket vendors and find out what performance you’ll be seeing.


If you’re fortunate enough, you might be able to get cheap tickets to see the national ballet perform. The shows at the Navoi Theater are a must-see in Tashkent!

Plov, Uzbekistan’s national dish, is a must-try!


Plov is an essential part of every trip to Uzbekistan. Rice, onion, carrots, and meat (typically lamb or beef) are cooked in a huge cast-iron pan in this dish. It’s similar to fried rice but much heavier, so plan on taking it easy after devouring a large bowl of it.


Plov is served at restaurants all across Tashkent, but Central Asian Plov Center is the most popular.

Take the metro


The metro stations in Tashkent include a variety of features, including beautiful light fittings, ceramic artwork on the walls, and stunning archways. They’re vintage, and they’ll make you feel like you’re in a beautiful museum or a palace ballroom, rather than a metro station.


You will have to purchase a little plastic token from the window while entering the metro station, after which your bag will be inspected and then you can proceed down the steps to the trains.

Explore the Hazrat Imam Complex


The most remarkable structure in the compound is the Barakhan Madrasah. The inner courtyard is open to the public, and the classrooms have been converted into tiny stores selling typical Uzbek items. It’s a must-see throughout your time in Tashkent!


Make a point of visiting the Oriental Manuscripts Library, which houses an extensive collection of ancient Qurans and other publications. The Caliph Uthman-Ottoman Quran (also known as the Samarkand Kufic Quran) is the highlight, having been authored almost 1,200 years ago.

Admire the Beauty of the Minor Mosque

The Minor Mosque is the city of Tashkent’s most beautiful mosque. With a big blue dome and finely carved wooden doors, it is stark white. The front gardens, as well as the trees in the inner courtyard, are immaculately maintained. On the right side of the courtyard, men have their own separate entrance.

View from the Tashkent Tower


The viewing deck is 328 feet above the ground and the overall tower stands 1,230 feet tall. Being the 11th tallest tower in the world, the Tashkent Tower has a unique shape, resembling a spacecraft preparing to launch.  You can exit the elevator on the sixth floor for the viewing deck.  


Remember to return to the Tashkent Tower after dusk. After the sun sets, it comes to life with blinking white lights.

Things you should know before visiting Tashkent: 


Bring cash with you to exchange at the airport, since there are only 3 ATMs at the airport and are often out of order. 


You can exchange money at the small window outside of immigration at a decent exchange rate.


1 USD = 10854.06 USZ


Women can enter the mosques if their shoulders, knees, and head are covered