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What You Should Know About Wellrx Pricing

WellRx advertises that it can offer discounts of 45%-80%, with an average saving of 60%. This brand performed well in our price spot check, especially with the completely free service. Of the three commonly prescribed drugs we examined, it was the second most expensive among other basic plans (ie, compared to the most basic plan/free plan that every company had to offer). At WellRx, we see generic Lipitor is $7.61, generic Zolot is $6.13, and generic EpiPen is $145.

The Pros and Cons of the Wellrx Prescription Discount Card

  • where good app Features: While not the highest-rated, this app does have many useful features for seniors. Of particular note is its medication management tool, which can provide pill reminders and help you keep your medication information organized. The app also has a “grocery store guidance” feature that is beneficial for maintaining better overall health even if it’s not directly related to the medication.
  • Price Change Notifications: If you need to refill your medication regularly, you can sign up for WellRX price alerts. You’ll receive an email when the price drops below the bundle amount and you can adjust how often you get pricing updates, ensuring you’re not overwhelmed with too many updates. Having this alert can help you spend your purchases for maximum financial benefit.
  • Average savings: Most of the companies we reviewed didn’t advertise their average savings, preferring to list their “most” savings or savings. We like that Wellrocks provided an average for the 2020 trades they participated in. The average discount level is also high, especially considering that the only one listed and the average brand saves an average of 24%.


  • Exclusivity: This brand does offer some special benefits and program improvements for certain customers, but the nature of these benefits is exclusive. These benefits are available only by invitation, but only in vague terms online. As a potential customer, you cannot simply buy a better program. Instead, the benefits are offered only through unspecified partners — possibly healthcare companies or other corporate partners. We hope that ordinary people will have a clearer understanding of the details and methods of accessing these benefits.

Opt reviews

United Healthcare’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) opium. offers a variety of discount programs, including its basic program, Optum, and its AARP pharmacy prescription discount service, which is split into two tiers. Optum’s advantages include easy access to courses, low fees, or free (depending on the course). Our price spot check revealed that Optum’s AARP membership tier offers the best discounts, making it an attractive option for those who already enjoy using AARP membership tools. The biggest downside of these brands is the clunky way their pricing tools work.

Overview of Optum Perks’ discount program

monthly plan cost-free*

Offer multiple programs? right

Advertise the cash price up to 80%

Average app rating 4.5 stars

*This version of the program has the best features/discounts, only for those with an active AARP membership.

Where and how to get Optum discounts

Optum has two or three different prescription discount programs, depending on how you look at it. Its main program, Optum Perks (formerly SearchRx), is free for anyone and hosted on Optum’s main website. This program has only one layer of service. However, the AARP Pharmacy Program has two distinct tiers: one that is available to anyone and one that is only available to AARP members. Membership-only plans have the best discounts, while regular Optum deals tend to be the smallest of the three tiers/plans.

Getting started with any Optum prescription discount program is easy. For Optum Perks programs and non-member AARP programs, you can simply download/print the discount card and start using it right away, no registration is required. However, to get the discount on the Australian membership level, you will sign up slightly when Opper needs to verify your membership.

Using any program is as simple as presenting the printed/downloaded discount card at the pharmacy counter. The two AARP pharmacy tiers are available at 66,000 participating pharmacy locations, while the Optum Perks version is available at around 64,000. CVS/Target, Kroger, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart are just a few of the larger chains that can take advantage of Optum discounts, with many independent pharmacies participating. A pharmacist should be able to discuss with you when it’s best to use insurance coverage and when it’s best to pay cash pricing with the discounts Optum offers.

What you should know about the pricing of Optum allowances

Optum Perks advertise that it can offer up to 80% of the cash price, although the average customer may see a not too steep discount. The AARP Pharmacy Program doesn’t advertise a specific savings percentage, but it does provide some pricing examples on its website. In the pricing point checks we ran, we observed that the discounts for AARP members always seemed to be better than the discounts on the regular Optum Perks plan. Keep in mind that to benefit from AARP’s discounts, you’ll need to keep up with AARP membership fees, which can be around $16 per year for membership.

From Optum Perks, we see a generic Lipitor at $18.67, a generic Zolot at $17.02, and a generic EpiPen at $302.75. In the AARP program, members can get Generic Lipitor for $7.45, Generic Zoloft for $8.62, and Generic Epipen for $109. Overall, Optum offers the best prices among its competitors, while Epipen’s membership AARP program has the best prices among its competitors, and it’s Zoloft and Lipitor plans are highly competitive. While delivery services are available to AARP members, the cost of those services is not listed online.

Pros and Cons of the Optum Perks Prescription Discount Card

  • where good AARP Partnerships: AARP has long been a trusted advocate for seniors. The group fights age, provides educational materials for health and wellness, and connects seniors with many different types of discounts from corporate partners. The program is a great added benefit for those who pay for AARP membership due to other member states.
  • Low Fees: The Optum project doesn’t offer the absolute best prices compared to its competitors, but its discounts are still very valuable. Additionally, these discounts are either completely free or for AARP members. Even AARP membership costs are negligible considering that AARP membership costs less than $2 per month. These items are indeed a low-cost option.


  • Convenience: Overall, Optum’s discount service has some convenience issues. The lack of apps from the AARP program ignores the fact that many seniors (or their caregivers) are now embracing the convenience of smartphones. Similarly, the AARP mail-order program settings are only accessible by phone, which puts it well behind most competing programs.
  • Transparency: While Optum’s pricing is far more transparent than its low-tech rival RxSavings Plan, Optum still has significant issues with cost transparency. Unfortunately, the brand’s online search tool has a limited design that forces searchers to select several brands at a time to see local costs. For comparison, other companies’ online tools often provide a large list of all local options, usually about 20 at a time. It’s hard to justify this inherently restrictive feature when customers are trying to find the true lowest price in their zip code. We also found that delivery prices (often different from in-store costs) were not available online.

RxSavings Program Review

Rx savings program PBM CVS Caremark offers 100% free service. While similarly named, it has nothing to do with its rival RX saver, which we pondered above. This no-frills, no-hype plan represents the perfect choice for seniors who want an easy way to boost their savings. The perks of this program include its simplicity and its acceptance in over 65,000+ locations across all leading pharmacy chains. This is an especially good option for people who use their local CVS or CVS/Target pharmacy likes. The main disadvantage of this program is that it marks an online shopping tool.

How to get RxSavings discount

While available to anyone in the US, the Rx savings program describes itself as “those without prescription coverage.” It is available at any Caremark participating pharmacy location, of which there are approximately 65,000. Its discounts can also be applied to any mail order participating program in pharmacy deals. Signing up for a discount card is easy – you can do it online by clicking “Print Card” and entering your full name and email. The entry for your phone number is purely optional. Or, if you want to register by phone, the website lists phone numbers you can call.

Unlike many other plans, the RXSavings plan does not have a single coupon for medication. It’s just a simple discount card that you can use for all participating locations on all transactions you wish to discount with the RxSavings program. Since this company doesn’t offer a pricing search tool, you won’t know your discounted price in advance unless you call the specific pharmacy you’re shopping for. However, when you’re at the pharmacy counter, the pharmacist will usually help you compare discounted prices that your insurance company may be Rx savings, so you should be able to always get the best price.

What you should know about RxSavings pricing

The Rx savings program takes a delightfully honest and honest approach to how it advertises its savings potential. While most other similar programs emphasize their “savings up to” stats, this brand emphasizes their average savings stats. To be clear, the “maximum” and ” average” savings are real numbers, but seeing the average tends to give customers a more realistic expectation of what their own experience might be. The Rx savings program says it can provide an average savings of 24%. This average comes from brand names and generic drug prices, but you’re likely to see the best prices on generics.

While this program does tell you what percentage you might save, it does not provide online data on the price of individual prescriptions. Most other companies can search by drug, dosage, quantity, and location to get an idea of ​​​​your cost before you get to the counter. With the Rx savings program, you need to call the pharmacy and ask for their pricing after applying the RxSavings program discount. Due to the lack of an accessible pricing tool, we can’t be sure about the discount tier the program has on pricing spot checks for other companies.

Pros and Cons of the RxSavings Prescription Discount Card

  • where goodNegotiating Power: CVS Health, the parent company of Caremark and RxSavings Plan, is currently No. 5 on the Fortune 500. The publicly-traded company, with $265.285 billion in revenue, has prodigious negotiating power in negotiations with drugmakers and local pharmacies. When it comes to longevity, profitability, popularity, and market share, CVS Health is hard to beat.
  • Website FAQ: Overall, this plan is designed for people who like to do all their business over the phone or in person, so its website is relatively straightforward. However, we greatly appreciate the detailed and worded Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section provided in the RxSavings program. This section is a good place to start if you want to learn how to get the most out of this course.


  • Limited options: With the Rx savings program, what you see is what you get. If the main program doesn’t offer the discounts you’re hoping for, there’s no way to explore the special service options you can explore. Simple is the appeal of the program to many, but for others, it just means you need to move on to another company until you find the level of discount that makes your drug truly affordable.