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Where to buy living room furniture

Where to buy living room furniture

When you arrive home from work every evening and want to relax, it is important to get a decent and comfy sofa to lean on; there is no way to skimp on this. Not only does it take pride in position in your living room to improve its attractiveness, but it also has a good possibility of staying in your living room for the following decade with a measure of elegance and, preferably, a healthy dose of comfort. This is why a comfy ambiance of your living room is important with all the perfect combinations of living room furniture.

HATIL offers you a wide range of living room furniture which includes sofa sets, divan, center table, tv cabinet, open shelves, and so on. If you want to create a homely cozy environment in your living room, you can buy living room furniture from your nearby HATIL outlet.


Types of living room furniture

Each room in your house has a certain function. The living room should feature fashionable, comfortable, and appealing furnishings because it is a natural meeting area for family and friends. A variety of coffee tables and sofas may be found in a typical living room. But why should you be content with the mundane? Many different styles of living room furniture may help you tidy up your living room and turn it into a welcoming location for entertaining friends or relaxing with your family.

Living room sofa

Of course, no list of living room furniture kinds would be complete without the dependable old sofa. In fact, a sofa may be said to make or break a living room! The living room’s focal point is a couch. It determines the initial impression and creates the atmosphere or tone. It should be the first thing that comes to mind while planning the layout of your living room.

Coffee table

Aside from your couch set, the coffee table is a must-have for every living room or sofa sitting arrangement! The coffee table is a useful furniture element that serves as a handy platform for placing goods in the living room, such as beverages, ashtrays, periodicals, and, of course, coffee. Aside from serving a practical purpose, the coffee table also adds a decorative aspect to the living space.

Unlike couches, which prioritize color over texture, a coffee table and its accompanying side tables often prioritize texture. It’s crucial to think about material aesthetics while selecting a coffee table. Would you want wood, metal, glass, steel, or ceramics to be the dominating material in your living room? If you go with wood, do you want it to be a light-colored wood, a hardwood, or wood in a certain style? Once you’ve decided on your living room’s material aesthetics, the greatest and first place for it to show up is in your coffee table selection!

Accent Chair

When it comes to seating configurations for your living room, you typically have three possibilities. The couch, armchair or wingchair, and recliner are the three basic possibilities. In addition, the three options are commonly divided into two categories: design and comfort. Of course, having the best of both worlds is usually preferable, but we frequently have to choose one over the other.

Is it better to have a design-oriented wingchair or a comfort-oriented wingchair? A sofa should, in a normal situation, have a foot in both worlds. A couch sets the tone for the rest of your living room, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort.

Accent cabinet

While choosing a color palette is one of the most significant decisions to make when designing a living space, choosing a material aesthetic or texture palette is as vital. Textures, unlike colors, are more subtle, which makes matching them more challenging.

If color is defined as white, black, red, and blue, then material aesthetics is defined as wicker, fur, and the varied characteristics of wood. Choosing occasional cabinets that highlight the textures of your living area might provide unexpected outcomes.


Where to buy living room furniture

HATIL Furniture offers you a versatile range of high-quality living room furniture that can live up to your expectations at a reasonable price point.

From buying essential sofa sets to center tables, complimentary chairs, TV cabinets, shelves- you can find every piece of living room furniture at HATIL. It is always important to invest in the best quality products, and HATIL assures you the premium quality in both the materials and craftsmanship. If you want to create your own style for the outlook of your living room you can choose from the multiple style options from HATIL furniture which can be vintage, contemporary, or modern interior.

For your living room perhaps you’re looking for something inexpensive but don’t want to sacrifice quality or pricing. Living room furniture is an investment that will pay you in the long run. Choosing a well-known brand must be a good selection. In Bangladesh’s furniture sector, HATIL is one of the most well-known brands. HATIL offers a large selection of living room furniture at reasonable prices. You have a budget, and HATIL provides the best living room furniture pricing in Bangladesh.


Why Choose HATIL

HATIL aims for quality and assures its supremacy via its goods, making it Bangladesh’s greatest furniture brand. Continue reading to learn about the amazing aspects of HATIL that will persuade you to support us:

Extensive Range of Products

Hatil is always creating new ideas and products to stay up with the ever-changing industry. Our extensive product assortment includes a diverse selection of furnishings to meet the demands of a wide range of customers.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques 

Hatil’s production process is an example of real vision since it employs robots and cutting-edge software, as well as world-class machinery. Our solid wood area is a representation of our high-end CNC machines and vintage wood carvings.

Environmentally friendly

Hatil has been making furniture out of oak and beech oak wood since 2009. This has earned us the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, which is situated in Germany. This guarantees that the wood we use does not affect the environment.

Ensuring Quality

Hatil has been using the Japanese quality management philosophy Kaizen to assure the greatest quality for consumers since 2007. HATIL is a pioneer in the production of bentwood furniture, and we mean it when we say we manufacture the greatest furniture in Bangladesh. In addition, the firm is a pioneer in bentwood production in the country. The things made from our bentwood are very remarkable.

The Virtual Showroom

HATIL V: Hatil’s latest development, as a technologically savvy organization, is the virtual showroom for individuals who are unable to visit our showrooms. HATIL V – the virtual showroom allows anybody to see the furniture in 360 degrees using mobile reality headsets that can be bought online. Customers may alter the fabric’s colors and patterns and compare them to furniture.

Smart-Fit Furniture

Hatil has been the name of innovation in our country’s furniture business. Smart-Fit Furniture: Hatil has been the name of innovation in our country’s furniture industry. Our newest addition is smart-fit furniture, which provides many uses for your furniture while also reducing space in your house.

Outstanding Customer Service

For decades, our philosophy has been to listen to our consumers. Our customer service specialists are here to help and interact with you in any manner they can.

End Words

HATIL has revolutionized Bangladesh’s furniture industry in three decades, starting from humble beginnings as a timber company. HATIL has become a household name in Bangladesh, with two state-of-the-art factories and 70 outlets. HATIL is always ready to assist its consumers, with national and international showrooms, eCommerce platforms, a virtual shop, and nationwide shipping services. So if you want living room furniture of premium quality, choose HATIL without a second thought.


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