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Which is best lifestyle for health

Which is best lifestyle for health?

The best lifestyle for a healthy lifestyle is a set of behavioral patterns related to health determined by the
choices that people make from the available options in accordance with the opportunities that their own life
offers them.1 in this way lifestyle can be understood as a behavior related to health of a consistent nature
such as the regular practice of physical activity that is enabled or limited by a persons social situation and
their living conditions the epidemiological transition from acute disease to chronic disease.

The main cause of mortality:

The main cause of mortality in our society has made the study of lifestyle related to health important today
during the 1980s the study of lifestyle reached a high level of prominence in the field of biomedical sciences
due to the fact that after the lalonde report the importance of lifestyle habits and their determinants on peoples
health was determined defining that lifestyle in the field of health sciences could be considered as the set of
decisions of people that affect their health and over which they have more or less control2 in this sense the
world health organization who provided a more specific definition of lifestyle related to health agreeing during
the xxxi meeting of the regional committee for Europe that it is a general way of life based on interaction
between living conditions in a broad sense and individual behavior patterns determined by socio-cultural
factors and personal characteristics3 until then different variables related to lifestyle had been studied from
different areas of knowledge the idea prevailed that lifestyle had a fundamentally voluntary nature although
today the idea is gaining strength that there are many variables of a very diverse nature that come to make
up the phenomenon that we call lifestyle and that is that habitual behaviors and choices are limited to the
vital opportunities offered by the context and the structural conditions of life4 components and determinants
of health-related lifestyle the concepts lifestyle lifestyle and lifestyle related to health come to be used
synonymously the latter meaning referring to those habitual behaviors that have been shown to exert an
influence on the health of individuals such as smoking the amount of regular physical activity diet etc. and on
which we will dwell in more detail below the health-related lifestyle is characterized by5 possess a behavioral
and observable nature from this point of view attitudes values and motivations are not part of it although they
can be its determinants continuity of these behaviors over time persistence habit association and combination
between behaviors consistently.

Definition of life habits:

Life habits are the set of adaptive behaviors that make up the lifestyle for health and that depend on and are
determined by the relationship between biopsychosocial characteristics and the ecological context2 the
determinants of lifestyle related to health are diverse and their study can be approached from two very
different perspectives figure 21 the first in which factors that we could call individual are valued and in which
the objects of study are fundamentally biological aspects genetic and behavioral factors as well as individual
psychological characteristics the second perspective starts from sociodemographic and cultural aspects and
from it the influence of factors such as the social economic or environment context is studied that is different
elements of the environment during human development multiple transactions are established between both
contexts and adaptive behavior patterns are established previously called life habits which together make up
the health-related lifestyle determined by each of these factors the relationship between different individual
aspects and the health of individuals is detailed below 1 genetics and biology as a species our genome has
adapted to the environment and circumstances in which we have evolved so that an alteration of them such
as the environment we enjoy today in developed countries supposes a gap between our heritage and the
environment it is reasonable to think that this gap has led to the appearance of health problems the main one
being obesity.