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Why Central Quay in Sheffield Is a Perfect Student Accommodation

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Sheffield is one of the most popular cities in the United Kingdom among overseas students. A number of students from distant countries come to this city for studies. It is situated in the county of South Yorkshire. The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are the two popular universities in the city.
When students get admission to a university in Sheffield, the next step they need to follow is to find a place of accommodation. There are a number of places of student accommodation Sheffield where the students can get a room, studio, or flat on rent and can spend their years of study comfortably.
One of the popular names in this regard is Central Quay Sheffield. It is located in Kelham Island. It is just within 16 minutes of walking distance from Sheffield Hallam University.
This property offers a plethora of amenities for fun, fitness, study, and more. You can know about some of the features of this property below, which will definitely ensure your comfortable stay here.

Ensuite Rooms and Studios

Central Quay offers two types of accommodations to the students, which are ensuite rooms and studios. There are two types of ensuite rooms available, which are Classic Ensuite and Premium Ensuite.
On the other hand, there are three types of studios available here, which are Premium Studio, Classic Studio, and Premium Studio (Dual Occupancy).

Kitchens with All the Dining Arrangements

In the kitchens inside the property, you find all the arrangements for cooking. There is a cooking hob available for preparing the meals. If you wish to use modern technologies, then you can use the microwave for cooking as well as heating the meals.
It is also necessary to keep the eatables fresh for a long duration. For this purpose, you find a fridge inside the kitchen where you can keep your eatables along with cooling the water and freezing the ice.

Other Significant Things inside Rooms and Studios

The students find comfortable beds inside the rooms and studios so that they can have a sound sleep. It seems to be small but is a very significant aspect. A sound sleep further helps in staying fresh and in studying in a better way. There is a bathroom with a shower in every accommodation.
Moreover, the students find a dedicated study space also with a study table and chair. So, the students can do their studies comfortably and in the right posture. In addition, there is also a wardrobe here, in which the individuals can keep their clothes organized.
There is also a television inside each unit to facilitate the students to watch their favorite TV shows, music programs, sports, discovery programs, news, and more.

Dedicated Study Room inside the Property

The students can also find a dedicated study room, where they can prepare for the exams and do their usual studies without any disturbance.

Fitness Center for the Students

You need to stay fit for your study and for all other activities of your daily life. Therefore, there is a gym inside the property. The gym has all the modern facilities and machines for the workouts. So, boys and girls can do the exercises to keep themselves fit.

Games Room for Fun and Frolic

For the fun and frolic of the students, Central Quay Sheffield comprises a games room also, where they can find the facility for playing different games.
For instance, students find the pool table here and can enjoy playing pool with other residents.

Common Area for Meeting Other Residents

Socialization is also necessary apart from everything. Therefore, a common area has been provided to the students at this property. In the common area, residents can meet each other.
Here, you can meet new people also and can befriend them. Moreover, it is also a perfect place to help each other in the studies.

Garden/Courtyard for Fresh Air

You can enjoy wandering in the fresh air in the garden/courtyard of this place of accommodation. Besides, it can also be used as a common area.
Bicycle Storage Space
For the lovers of bicycle rides or for the students who like to visit the nearby places on bicycles, bicycle storage space has been provided. Here, they can keep their bicycles safe without any worries.

Wi-Fi Internet

To provide high-speed internet to the students, there is a paid Wi-Fi connection available. So, the students can connect their mobile gadgets and laptops to the internet, and can accomplish all the internet-related tasks, such as studies, entertainment, communication, social media involvement, and more.

Security Features

There is a 24/7 security staff available at this place to provide full security to the students. CCTV cameras can be seen everywhere in the property; therefore, the security staff is capable of fully stopping unwanted activities by monitoring all the areas. A secure door entry is also provided to the students at this place.

Final Thoughts

Central Quay provides all the features according to the needs of modern-day students. Apart from the above-mentioned ones, the students can find many other features.