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Why Pharmaceutical Industries must Use Progressive Cavity Pumps

Why Pharmaceutical Industries must Use Progressive Cavity Pumps

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The pharmaceutical industry is quite considered to be complicated, as the product is completely sensitive and even a small fluctuation in the working condition results in greater chaos. Every firm has its own pain points. You can derive many solutions from trial and error. But you are playing at your own risk.

The capital invested in the manufacturing firm is very huge. Each activity contributes to the bottom line. Break-Even Point is the most concerning parameter for many players.

Higher the Investment, Higher the risk, and thus Higher the Returns. This is the basic mantra. In the pharmaceutical industry, product development involves many stages and every stage defines its efficacy. Pumping the pharma products to the desired channel involves greater monitoring and continuous attention until the process is done.

“Hygiene”, a major jargon and a worrying factor that prevails in the past, present, and future. The product efficiency and results are determined by the hygiene transfer of the pharmaceuticals. Hygienic product transfer between the processes is the biggest concern.

The demand in the market changes and a firm can make good numbers when they fulfill the market demand at the right time. In order to make a good profit, firms use the same conveying solutions for transferring different products that have different formulas.

This is the common protocol used by most firms as it is quite cost-effective. Do safety Measures become the biggest ??? When Safety is not a concern, then there are greater chances of cross-contamination.

The cross-contamination results you give less medicine efficacy and some serious side effects. The contamination in the pipeline is measured based on the pumping efficiency.

Do PUMPS get an important role to play in transferring pharmaceutical products? It greatly Does. High Viscosity and Non-flowable properties are the basic physical properties of pharma products.

High viscous are commonly very tough to transfer without any product loss within the framed timeline. Thus Pumps are attached to the conveyor to push the products to the desired locations. The pumping has certain limitations with regards to the chemical properties of the pharma. The parts in the pumps decide the pumping and product efficiency.

Most times, Progressive Cavity Pumps are the first choice for transferring pharma products. They are highly preferred due to their high performance and operational efficiency. PC Pumps are specifically designed for pumping high viscous and abrasive materials.

The blades in cavity pumps make the process easier and consistent throughout the product transfer. Using Progressive Cavity Pumps in the pharmaceutical industry is the ideal and best choice for both small-scale and large-scale industries.

The complete product transfer is ensured and guaranteed using the Progressive pumps. This is mainly due to the complete sealing of the pump and the pipeline attached to it. The product stagnant in the pipeline is the common problem in conveying high viscous products.

The efficiency and reliability of the pharmaceuticals may or may not produce consistent end results. You would have experienced the variation of efficacy results of the same product. This is due to the incomplete product transfer of the repetitive product.

This is common and it is mandatory to avoid every chance of product stagnate. This is practically impossible to achieve this goal using other pumping solutions rather than Progressive Cavity Pumps.

PC Pumps delivers extraordinary results in the complete batch transfer of high viscosity products. Cavity pumps leave no trace of fluids in the pipeline. These pumps ensure higher efficiency and most importantly used for limiting the chances of efficacy loss.

This is the ultimate of any pharmaceutical firm to provide highly effective medicines. Pumps play a vital role in making the medicines available to the end-user at the right time. Like other products, medicines do have shelf life periods which are less compared to other industrial products.

Thus it is very much important to deliver the product at a reduced operational time. Though gravity comes to play at certain times, pumps deliver consistent performance in accordance with the degree of need.

Progressive Cavity Pumps share great credibility with other pharmaceutical primary and secondary activities. The greater advantage of using a PC Pump is that the output and changing operational time can be controlled to a very positive extent.

The backflow of the high viscosity product, once the operation is paused/stopped, is one of the major concerns when using the pumps. The rate of backflow and fluid quantity differs from the pump to pump. In the case of PC Pumps, the possibility of product backflow is very less compared to other types of pumps.

Thus, you can guarantee to transfer of the exact pharma products with zero tolerance. Some industrial players have a wide range of product portfolios that forces the firm to use different pumps for different viscosity properties for better productivity.

Progressive Cavity Pumps deliver great performance in handling different flowing properties. Firms using PC Pumps at their factories are making good profits without altering the pumps.


It is recommended that you can switch to Progressive Cavity Pumps in your Pharma Industry and get more ROI. PC Pumps are the best choice of all time accompanying different flow properties.