You are currently viewing Why to Choose Online Student Accommodation Service Providers for Housing in London
Why to Choose Online Student Accommodation Service Providers for Housing in London

Why to Choose Online Student Accommodation Service Providers for Housing in London

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London is unquestionably a perfect place for university education for the students. For more than a century, it is a favorite place for overseas students. But, getting admission to a university in London as well as booking accommodation was not as easy at that time as it is today. It has become easy after the advent of the internet.

With the help of online options, the students can easily get admission with the help of the websites of the universities or the agents. Similarly, student accommodation London can be booked easily in the present scenario through the websites of accommodation providers or accommodation service providers.

Difference between Accommodation Providers and Accommodation Service

The accommodation providers are the authorities who own the properties and offer them to the students. On the other hand, the accommodation service providers offer the services to book the properties. The service providers have dealings with a number of accommodations providers. They present the list of the properties offered by different accommodation providers on their websites.

In addition to this, the service providers offer many other services to the students, which help the students from starting from their native place to staying in an accommodation in London.

Due to many reasons, the websites of student accommodation service providers are considered as the best options for booking accommodation in London. Here you will read about some of these reasons.

What You Get from Student Accommodation Service Providers

1. You Get a Number of Accommodation Options at a Single Place

On the websites of accommodation service providers, you can find a number of properties with vacant accommodations for the students in London at a single place.

First, you are required to enter “London” in the search box. After that, you will reach the page that is dedicated to the properties available in London. There, you can visit the pages of different properties by clicking or tapping their names or display pictures. So, you can read the details of the property.

which will help you in selecting the right one according to your properties and requirements.

After making the decision, you can go to the booking option of the property that you want to book and can follow the further procedure.

2. Some Service Providers Offer You Education Loans

The service providers not only help you in finding the right accommodation but they provide you many other services also. If you need an education loan for studying abroad then you can get it easily with the help of the accommodation service providers.

3. Airport Pickup Service Is Also Offered

Another major service that is offered by the accommodation service providers is airport pickup services. You can easily book a car with the help of service providers. The charges of the car remain equal to the charges of local cabs.

4. Students Also Get International SIM Card

Quite obviously, you would like to be in touch with your family, relatives, and friends while studying and living in London. With the help of the service providers, you can easily get an international SIM card.

5. Service Providers Also Offer International Money Transfer Facility

Offering the international money transfer facility is unquestionably one of the prominent services for the accommodation service providers. The money is transferred by the service providers in the following situations and in the following ways.

For Tuition Fees of University: The tuition fees are directly transferred to the university by the accommodation service providers.
For Rent of Accommodation Providers: The amount you pay to the accommodation service providers also includes the rent of the accommodation providers. So, the rent is also directly transferred by the service providers to the accommodation providers.
For Your Pocket Expenses: The service providers facilitate your parents to send money to you in London through them.

6. Students Have the Option to Get Travel Insurance and Health Insurance Policies through Accommodation Service Providers

You can also acquire different insurance policies with the help of the service providers. The service providers partner with some insurance companies so you can buy the policies without much effort.

The medical and non-medical expenses are covered under the travel insurance policies. On the other hand, there are separate health insurance policies also available.

7. Service Providers Also Assist in Forex (Foreign Exchange)

Obtaining foreign currency may be a costly and confusing affair for the students. You can get the help of accommodation service providers in this regard also.

To Sum Up

Accommodation service providers offer the above-mentioned services as well as some more services, which make different lengthy procedures easy for the students while living in London. These services are also available for the students who have been enrolled in a university located in some other city abroad.