You are currently viewing Yoni Mudra: Know the benefits, method, and precautions of this mudra
Yoni Mudra: Know the benefits, method, and precautions of this mudra

Yoni Mudra: Know the benefits, method, and precautions of this mudra

Yoni Mudra is an important posture of yoga, it helps to overcome problems related to female reproductive organs. Yoni Mudra is a Sanskrit word. It is made up of two words. Yoni + pose. Yoni means the female reproductive organ i.e. the womb. Mudra means maintaining the same position. Just as the child in the womb remains calm apart from the outside world, similarly those who perform this mudra are also cut off from the outside world. There are many postures in yoga that are meant to eliminate different diseases of the body. Just like that is Yoni Mudra. Explain the benefits and method of yoni mudra. Let us know about this currency.

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Benefits of Yoni Mudra:

Remove problems related to the reproductive system

Yoga, Yoni Mudra removes any kind of problem related to pregnancy in women like pain during menstruation, difficulty in conceiving, etc. If this mudra is done properly then it helps to overcome all the problems related to our reproductive system. This mudra is beneficial in the yoni i.e. reproductive system.

Reduce stress:

While doing yoni mudra the focus is on the whole action, we are cut off from the outside world hence the tension is less. So at the same time, this mudra also removes anxiety, irritability, anger, etc. Chemical secretion occurs by doing this mudra. At the same time, due to which we feel positive and stress-free. This mudra also brings out toxic substances from the body. The whole body is relaxed. This mudra is also very beneficial for our nervous system. It increases our concentration. as well as us

Overcome Insomnia:

Sleep is being affected the most by the changing lifestyle. Yoga can solve this problem. By doing yoni posture, our cortisol hormone increases, due to which negative thoughts are reduced and we get good sleep.

Method of doing Yoni Mudra:

  • In Gherand Samhita Shanmukhi Mudra is called Yoni Mudra. The method of doing Yoni Mudra is being told here according to Gherand Samhita.
  • Bend both your legs and sit in Sukhasan or Vajrasana or any meditation posture, in which you feel comfortable, sit in that posture.
  • Keeping your body straight, raise both your hands and keep your thumbs near the ears, leaving the shoulders slightly loose.
  • Place your index finger on your eyes and middle finger on the side of the nose and ring finger on the upper part of the lips and place your little finger on the lower part of the lips.
  • While inhaling through your nose, close your nostrils from side to side with your middle finger. Hold the breath according to your capacity and after some time, slowly exhale while chanting Om.
  • In this, you can also make a humming sound or vibration like a whirlpool. In this, you will feel the vibration all over your face.
  • Come back slowly.
  • In the beginning, do it under someone’s supervision. Pause while doing the mudra according to your ability.


  • Do not do this mudra if you have neck and back pain.
  • Do not do this asana even if you have a fever or if you feel ill in any way.
  • If you are feeling trouble in doing this mudra, then do not do this mudra.
  • Yoni Mudra is effective in driving away many diseases of the body. This mudra also keeps the reproductive system strong and disease-free. Take care of the precautions mentioned while doing this mudra.